Will Van Persie be making his way to Malaga from Arsenal?

van persieWhile Al-Thani accumulates requests to sign Van Persie in his profile on the social network, something is moving in the Premier League. Clearing. The departure of Arsenal’s Dutch striker a turnaround in the market for strikers in the British Isles Malaga are expected to make the most of the movements and snatch the Dutch hitman.

Van Persie does not know where he will play next year and, while the Gunners faced a decision on what to do with Nicklas Bendtner. The Dane returns from his loan spell at Sunderland and today is landing in Spain, where he had contacts with the costasole├▒os. In addition, Galatasaray has asked for his contract situation.

But it is not the only offerings waiting to move in the Premiership. Men like Adebayor or Michael Owen himself went on a free transfer from Manchester United last month, and have many deals inside and outside the islands and Malaga is aware of his possible movements and forwards who could probe whether occurring the countries that interest you.

The weather continues to favor
Bendtner would have a price that can exceed the 5 million euros mark, unless Arsenal keep some kind of  buyback clause and the price level leads British competition if its not less than that amount, unless Malaga go for players who complete their contract. In any case, the bulk of the reinforcements arrive in just over two weeks as they play on time for Espanyol to lower thier prices.

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