Tito Vilanova says fans should be happy with 100 points

When you are a fan of one of the greatest teams in the world, chances are you can become a little bit spoiled. Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova realizes that, and has responded as much.

“If people are not happy with that, then worse times are to come. If what they want is 115 points…” the manager said.

Barcelona won the league title and equaled Real Madrid’s record 100-point mark in their final match this weekend, but Vilanova is still having to answer to criticism over their Champions League failures, amongst other things. 

Tito also answered questions concerning some of his most notable players, including the possible exit of keeper Victor Valdes. Valdes didn’t play in what may have been his last match in a Barca jersey, and Vilanova explained the situation. “He had the feeling that this wouldn’t be his last game, but I wanted to give some other people some game time and that’s why I played Pinto.”

“I want Valdés to be happy. Whether he goes or not is his decision, not mine. I train the squad. I’m an employee. He explained it perfectly yesterday: he doesn’t have a problem carrying on and I don’t have a problem with him staying. Whether his agent and the club decide it’s better for him to leave is another matter. But if he does stay, I’ll be delighted.”

In contrast, Tito had wonderful words concerning his other keepers, saying, “I said that Thiago was the future and I was wrong. He is the present. I have every confidence in him. There is a lot of competition, but I am convinced that he can be a regular starter.”

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