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Daily Star: Madrid offered 50 million plus 1 player for Bale

The English press reported today that Real Madrid is preparing a bid for Gareth Bale, a Florentino Perez target this summer, especially if Neymar eventually signs with FC Barcelona. According to ‘Daily Star’, the Madrid offer contains 50 million euros plus a player among the group of Pepe, Higuain, Di Maria and Marcelo. According to their information, Tottenham desires Higuain to bolster their front, so the Argentinian could be the key for Real Madrid to recruit the Welsh product.

The white club wants to take advantage of the fact that Spurs will not play in the Champions League next season and believes it is the right time to convince a player who wants to leave Tottenham without generating conflict and becoming rebellious as Luka Modric did last year. Continue reading Daily Star: Madrid offered 50 million plus 1 player for Bale

Liverpool wants Llorente

Liverpool wants Llorente

Liverpool are after Athletic Bilbao striker Fernando Llorente, but know they have to have a deal in place to sell not wanted Andy Carroll by the close of the transfer window tomorrow night.

The Spanish striker has been frozen out by his club, and is being forced to train with the reserves since refusing to sign a new contract.

With only one year remaining on his old contract, and making it known that he wants to leave there is no way he will still be at Bilbao come Saturday.

Juventus are in need of a striker, and also Manchester City and Tottenham showing interest with only his £30 million buy-out-clause being the reason that a deal been done already.

Llorente’s teammate Javi Martinez was sold yesterday in a record breaking £32 million to Bundesliga giants Bayern Munch, which makes it look almost certain that the Basque side are ready to let Llorente go also.

My money is on a deal with Juventus, but that all depends on whether the Italinal’s sign Berbatov from Manchester United or not.

A very exciting couple of days lie ahead for the 27-year-old world-class striker who would prove to be a goal scorer for which ever club can do the deal.