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Who said Thiago and Cesc were incompatible?

Fabregas: “We are compatible, people must invent things to make a little controversy. Thiago is one of a kind and there will be room for everyone in the team”

Thiago scored the first goal of Barca’s league campaign and one of the first players to congratulate him was Cesc, the ex Arsenal player and Alcántara showed they have no problem in playing together and both rejected unsubstantiated talk of their incompatibility.

Some thought that the return home of Cesc would complicate things for Thiago who has only just broken into the first team
for Barcelona, Guardiola dared to play three back, just a pure defense, Abidal, and populate the midfield, who included Cesc and Thiago, who supposedly could not play together. Pep, who is the smartest of all, sent a notice to Villarreal and all those who doubted him that he still knows what’s best.

Fabregas, who has already won the same amount of titles in Barcelona which he won at Arsenal, here you are not a newcomer, quite the opposite. It feels as if he had never left to England. Barca has a good atmosphere, and the colors that are in your heart since childhood, you gets goals and make new friends, like Thiago.

Alcantara also laughed at the rumours. as he plays well with Messi and with Cesc, who winked at him after the game: “We are compatible, people have to invent things so that there is little controversy . It is one of a kind and there is room for everyone in this team. “He says Cesc, who knows that Barcelona’s game does not discriminate. Now, Thiago has met a colleague for the rest of his life.