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Barcelona not willing to barter with Santos

neymar close to signingBarcelona offered €20 million for Brazilian Santos striker Neymar earlier this week. Anticipation was heightened as Barcelona faithful, players and fans alike, waited for Neymar to arrive in Camp Nou. However, Raúl Sanllehí, Barca’s director of football who was in Brazil to negotiate a deal, has left without Neymar signing on the dotted line.

The Blaugrana are unwilling to bend to Santos FC’s demands, as the Brazilian club has rejected the €20 million Barca offer for a 55 percent stake in Neymar. The remaining 45 percent belongs to DIS, a super marketing agency, and TEISA, an investment fund.

It’s become clear Santos is trying to get as much as they can out of Neymar, and the feel the €20 million offer is just too low. But they must be careful. Barcelona has a backup plan in which they will pay Neymar €10 million this year to play with Santos, but be unable to negotiate with any other team and become a free agent in 2014, and sign with Barca. If this were to happen Santos would walk away with nothing.

Santos refuses Barca’s €20 million offer for Neymar

A new meeting surrounding the future of Neymar so far, has been unfavorable for Barcelona. Santos FC did not accept Barça’s latest offer of  20 million euros, according Globoesporte.

This was recognized by vice president Odilo Rodrigues: “Santos considered the proposal received, but it does not meet our interests. We chose not to accept it. They only had one proposal on the table and the Committee of Directors believes this is not what we want.”

The Brazilian club is aware they have to sell the player but want to do it with the highest bidder, and although Neymar desires to sign with Barca, he will try to take the best offer possible, so he is willing to listen to proposals from other clubs.

The Barca delegation formed by Raul Sanllehí and agent Andre Cury, will regroup to maintain different meetings over the next few days to try to get to a new position.

Messi: “Neymar would be a wonderful addition to Barça”

messi_neymarBarcelona faithful are dreaming of a Neymar arrival at Camp Nou. Fans and players alike want to see the Brazilian dress for Barca to strengthen their squad for next season.

One player who has been one of the most outspoken has been Leo Messi, who is still in Qatar fulfilling promotional events.

In an interview with Qatar Alkass Leo stressed the qualities of the Santos striker: “I don’t know if he’ll sign with Barca or not, only he knows that. What is certain is that he would be a player who brings some very different individual solutions. Of course for Barca it would be a wonderful addition. ”

Once again he mentioned his national team career with Argentina and his desire to be world champion. “All I want is to win, without thinking whether it will allow me to be the best player ever or not.”

Leo believes Guardiola will prove his worth at Bayern: “He’ll have success with  any team, because of his understanding and knack for reading football games.”

The Neymar maze

NeymarNeymar’s future remains unknown. After Raul Sanllehí’s last meeting yesterday with Santos President of operations, Odilo Rodrigues, the Brazilian club’s position is clear. Their desire is to sell the player because next year he would be free to leave, with no compensation for the club. But they didn’t want to do it at just any price.

After Real Madrid’s latest proposal, estimated at 100 million euros, all owners of Neymar (Santos, Grupo Sonda, Teisa, and his father, former footballer) are waiting to get a better deal. It is possible the proposal could bring to the forefront new clubs like Chelsea or PSG, for which money would not be a problem. Continue reading The Neymar maze

Juninho: Barca and Neymar a good fit for each other

291286-neymar21-year old Brazilian football star Neymar has been linked to many teams this season, but none more than the Blaugrana. And ex-Atletico Madrid great Juninho believes that’s the exact transaction that needs to take place.

Juninho spoke with Onda Cero pointing to recent Champions League failures as another reason Barca needs to make a move. Even though there could be a bit of a transition from Brazil to Spain, he believes it would work.

“Everyone’s saying that Neymar will leave in the middle of the year, and Barcelona have been mentioned [as his new club] all along,” he said. “I do believe Neymar needs European experience. He will need to adapt at first because Brazilian football is a little different.

“From what I know, he might go to Barcelona, it’s what everyone has been saying in Brazil since forever. Barcelona don’t have the unity they had a few years ago, they need to bring in reinforcements.

“I think he [Neymar] would enjoy Barcelona more because of their playing style. He would fit better there.” Neymar still has a year remaining on his contract with Santos.

Santos star Neymar may snub move to Premier League or La Liga to stay in Brazil

Is there still a place in Neymar's heart for Santos or will he leave for Europe?
Is there still a place in Neymar’s heart for Santos or will he leave for Europe?

Santos star Neymar was set to leave the club to join Chelsea in the Premier League, but the club’s president now hopes his highly sought after player could stay in his native Brazil beyond 2014. Continue reading Santos star Neymar may snub move to Premier League or La Liga to stay in Brazil