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Florentino: “I understand that Xavi and Iniesta are upset with Mou”

The president of Real Madrid gave a new interview and reviewed the current state of the club on the program ‘Futboleros’ of MARCA TV.

Zidane: Zidane has said that “he entered the coaching field standing alongside Mourinho”, further confirming that “knows everything, the good players from each team, in Italy, in France … What he likes is coaching and may be a combining youth sports management or assistant coach, whichever comes. We’ll see. ”

Mourinho and the club: “I understand that Xavi or Iniesta are upset with Mourinho. During the last five games we have won none. When you do not win and criticizes the reverse is not a good strategy,” explained on questions about the crossing of words between Iniesta and Xavi against Jose Mourinho. He defended the now former coach again: “The days of which Barça won every match at Madrid ended with Mourinho. There’s truth in what he’s saying.” Continue reading Florentino: “I understand that Xavi and Iniesta are upset with Mou”

Cesc: “End of our hegemony? We won the league by 15 points”

Cesc Fabregas did not miss the opportunity to respond to the statements of Jose Mourinho, who said that he had ended the hegemony of Barcelona in Spanish football.
In the microphones of  ‘Al primer toque’ of Onda Cero and Radio MARCA, the Catalan player responded with numbers. “How has Madrid destroyed our hegemony? We won the league by 15 points,” he said.

Cesc also talked about his situation in Barcelona and the rumors about his departure. “It’s fascinating how some people have to invent things. The thing I really want is to succeed at Barca. It has been my dream since childhood,” he said.

In this sense, asked about the beeps have ever received from the fans, the midfielder was pragmatic. “If they whistle at me, they’ll have to eat me,” he snapped. Continue reading Cesc: “End of our hegemony? We won the league by 15 points”

Piqué: “Spanish football is in very good health”

The unique situation of Iker Casillas after several months of being a backup at Real Madrid and José Mourinho took part in the press conference of Gerard Pique.

The Barca defender stressed that the Spanish go to their “options” at the Confederations Cup, in which they debut next Sunday against Uruguay, with their “feet on the ground” and basing their strength on their unity and experience.

“Our uniforms are gorgeous, this is one of the keys to our success for all these years,” said Pique, who insisted that the Spanish team is keeping a “great atmosphere.”

However, Piqué avoided speaking directly when asked about Mourinho’s statements made in London, and at Chelsea, and in which he boasted of having put an end to the hegemony of Barcelona in Spanish football. “In recent years we have managed to win all the great titles and Spanish football has a very good health,” said simply the Barcelona defender.

Florentino Perez: “Ronaldo will be our future Di Stéfano”

Florentino Pérez is looking tired. It’s understandable, since the last two weeks he’s had no life. There were no elections needed to continue as president of Real Madrid, but the wear of the campaign tour included by the media, and the steps to several moves that will help shape his new team are proving exhausting.

MARCA.com interviewed Perez in his ACS office. Here are some of the responses he gave to them in an interview:

Q: What happened on July 16, 2000?
A: I was elected president of Real Madrid.

Q: What was the first major decision you took?
A: Appoint Alfredo di Stéfano Honorary Chairman.

Q: Rather than signing Figo.
A: They are two different things. The Di Stefano appointment was something institutional. Signing players is something cyclical. Before they stopped me in the street and thanked me for signing Figo and Zidane. And now they thank me for signing Cristiano. Continue reading Florentino Perez: “Ronaldo will be our future Di Stéfano”

Cristiano Ronaldo deflects questions about his former coach, Mourinho

The captain of the Portuguese national team, Cristiano Ronaldo, ignored the criticism of his former coach Jose Mourinho and said he has not spoken to anyone from Real Madrid for a possible renewal of his contract.

“I have not spoken with anyone yet and the most important thing is the national team.”

“I’m calm, I’m not worried about that. I know we will reach an agreement to renew and so now I’m just thinking about the team,” Cristiano told reporters, who insisted that his priority now is Portugal , with whom he played on Friday in a 1-0 win against Russia, qualifying for the 2014 World Cup.

Ronaldo refused to evaluate the criticisms of his former coach and compatriot Jose Mourinho, who was recently criticized for not taking criticism well.

“You think I’m worried about that? I’m concerned with the Portugal, that’s what matters most to me,” he said, laughing at the insistence of journalists.

Fans believe Dani Carvajal will unseat Arbeloa

The greatest victim of Dani Carvajal’s arrival at Real Madrid could be Alvaro Arbeloa. Although the former Liverpool player believes that this move will work well to improve the team, most fans believe Carvajal’s arrival signals the end for Arbeloa at Madrid.

Rarely do online polls give such overwhelming results. The 92 percent of respondents for such a poll on MARCA.com felt that Carvajal will be placed in the starting lineup of Real Madrid next year, while Arbeloa will not even be found on the team.

The survey, with more than 14,000 participants, serves as a barometer to gauge the feelings of the fans on this issue.

However, Arbeloa himself was calm on this issue in an interview in La Sexta. In the words of player, “the player most benefited from the arrival of Carvajal” will be Arbeloa himself.