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Pelé: “Neymar needs to get to Zidane’s level”

Pelé believes that “faced with Neymar’s indecision about whether to go to England or Spain, the best option for him was Barcelona”. Talking about the differences between the Brazilian player and Messi, “They are different players that make everything look simple. Messi was trained in Europe from 14 or 15 years old and has more experience. Neymar’s style is different, both are very skilful and both make their team very strong”, he added.

For Pelé, Neymar’s joining Barça will give him considerable experience ahead of the World Cup. “European football is different to Brazilian football. They are stronger, they mark more closely, and that’s going to be Neymar’s biggest challenge”, he pointed out. Continue reading Pelé: “Neymar needs to get to Zidane’s level”

Neymar: I feel like a king

Neymar has been walking on clouds ever since he made the decision to transfer from Brazilian club Los Santos to world football giant Barcelona. He was presented to the Blaugrana faithful just some weeks ago, right at Camp Nou, to an audience of about 60,000. He’s had no qualms about expressing how he feels right now.

“Yes, I am very happy to have completed my move [to Barcelona]. This has always been a dream for me,” he said in speaking to Telefoot. “My feeling is no doubt one of great happiness. I have followed the ideal path and now I’m happy as a king.”

Thiago Silva, Neymar’s teammate with the Brazilian national team, believes Neymar will fare well in La Liga, and will fit right in with the bright lights of the big stage.

“He will playing with the best team in the world and I think he will be fine,” he said. “He will be surrounded with quality and he is prepared to meet this challenge. He will not be afraid of playing alongside the biggest names in world football.”

Barca consulted Messi on signing Neymar

Sandro Rosell was fully aware that the signing of Neymar was a high-risk operation for two reasons. First, the high cost of the transfer, which was increasing every day before the interest of other big clubs, and also by the reaction that Messi could have in the presence of a competitor on the pitch.

The club has long assumed that economic investment was going to be very strong and wanted to know what he thought about the arrival of Neymar. After some friction with other strikers, Rosell was not willing that their history began on the wrong foot.

There was no place for it. Messi’s response was very positive and encouraged the club to hire the Brazilian. Leo is aware that both he and the team need another player who can score more goals. Not all the responsibility should lie with Messi. Continue reading Barca consulted Messi on signing Neymar

Company with rights to Neymar threatens to take Barcelona to court

Neymar returned to Brazil yesterday. He took a helicopter and arrived in time to train with the ‘Seleção’, after managing an embrace with Scolari. However, his idyllic image contrasts with the swell of his contract.

The DIS group, which owns 40% of the player’s rights, will not transfer their portion of the money and threaten to denounce Barça to FIFA. Josep Maria Bartomeu admitted during the presentation that Barca gave an advance of € 10 million for Neymar, something that FIFA has banned when a player has a contract.

The DIS group feels cheated after hearing that Barcelona paid 57 million for the striker. This was acknowledged in remarks to Rac1, its executive director Roberto Moreno, who said the company has received only 9.4 million of the 57. That is, there are 20.6 million (subtracting the 10 developed countries) of which there is no record.

Interestingly Bartomeu claimed he could not explain the percentages because they were forced to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Neymar: I have come to help Messi stay as the best in the world

Neymar landed in Barcelona at 13:00 and went to the offices of the club, where he posed with his newly club badge at the entrance of the ground. After passing a medical with no problems at the Hospital de Barcelona, ​​headed to the Sports City Sant Joan Despi to complete all medical tests.

neymar on his first day
neymar on his first day

In the afternoon, the player signed his contract with the Catalan club for the next five seasons in the company of Sandro Rosell. After the pitch jumped at 18.40 with a sleeveless number and took the applause of the 56,500 Catalans who, according to the club, witnessed his presentation at the Camp Nou. Continue reading Neymar: I have come to help Messi stay as the best in the world

Neymar: “I still have butterflies in my stomach”

Neymar nervousNeymar shed genuine tears in his last match with Santos this past weekend, and it goes to show how difficult the decision to move to Barca was for him. The Brazilian striker is feeling a mix of emotions as he’s torn between the club that’s treated him so well and the great opportunity that lies before him.

“I still have butterflies in my stomach,” he said. He realizes not everybody believes he will succeed at Camp Nou, as he’s often been labeled a ‘Youtube player’, meaning someone who flashes a lot but isn’t necessarily the most efficient. However, playing along the likes of Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Dani Alves and Adriano, Neymar should have no problem hiding any of his flaws.

Neymar will travel to Barcelona in the near future to be officially presented to the Blaugrana faithful, but will then turn his focus to preparing for the Confederations Cup. “We have to pull together,” he said. “We have a group of extremely talented players who can take Brazil to the top.”