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Mourinho and Ferguson had told each other their plans months ago

Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson have always shown respect and mutual admiration. Their relationship is a good friendship, to the point of sharing their concerns and interests. The Portuguese coach has revealed himself knew for months that Ferguson would not be coaching. Secret for secret, he also confessed that he would sign for Chelsea.

Ferguson discussing plans with Mourinho
Ferguson discussing plans with Mourinho

“I imagine that only his inner circle knew and assumed a great responsibility for me to know. Know why? Because we’re friends. If I am your friend to know that is going to retire, he is also my friend to know that the club that I want to train in England is Chelsea. told you, of course, “said Mourinho in words that collects on Sunday the British press.

His return to Stamford Bridge takes it as a difficult challenge. “This is my costume.’s The stadium where I have never lost a match.’s My office, which has the same table. But from a professional point of view is no different to reach a new club. I have the same ambition. Do not want people think that it is comfortable for me.’s difficult. And that’s what I want, “he says.

Chelsea return to work on July 8. It was from then that decide the future of any of the players in the squad. Among them solve the Fernando Torres, who plans to give it a try. “Someone could expect from him for what he has done in the past. But not as bad as people sometimes try to say,” said Mourinho.

Cesc: “End of our hegemony? We won the league by 15 points”

Cesc Fabregas did not miss the opportunity to respond to the statements of Jose Mourinho, who said that he had ended the hegemony of Barcelona in Spanish football.
In the microphones of  ‘Al primer toque’ of Onda Cero and Radio MARCA, the Catalan player responded with numbers. “How has Madrid destroyed our hegemony? We won the league by 15 points,” he said.

Cesc also talked about his situation in Barcelona and the rumors about his departure. “It’s fascinating how some people have to invent things. The thing I really want is to succeed at Barca. It has been my dream since childhood,” he said.

In this sense, asked about the beeps have ever received from the fans, the midfielder was pragmatic. “If they whistle at me, they’ll have to eat me,” he snapped. Continue reading Cesc: “End of our hegemony? We won the league by 15 points”

Piqué: “Spanish football is in very good health”

The unique situation of Iker Casillas after several months of being a backup at Real Madrid and José Mourinho took part in the press conference of Gerard Pique.

The Barca defender stressed that the Spanish go to their “options” at the Confederations Cup, in which they debut next Sunday against Uruguay, with their “feet on the ground” and basing their strength on their unity and experience.

“Our uniforms are gorgeous, this is one of the keys to our success for all these years,” said Pique, who insisted that the Spanish team is keeping a “great atmosphere.”

However, Piqué avoided speaking directly when asked about Mourinho’s statements made in London, and at Chelsea, and in which he boasted of having put an end to the hegemony of Barcelona in Spanish football. “In recent years we have managed to win all the great titles and Spanish football has a very good health,” said simply the Barcelona defender.

Real Madrid equal another record

The current leader of the classification, Levante, was the last team that managed to score past Iker Casillas since Mourinho rejoined the boys after his three match suspension not one team has managed to score past them in the Bernabeu.

Another spectacular record will be achieved at the rival goal must be added that the Real Madrid defense that seems to be working like clockwork. Casillas is still one of the best goalkeepers in the world and in defense, Ramos is providing security acting at the center of defense.

With these numbers, Madrid is within walking distance of matching the four-game streak without being scored against, their best record in this aspect of the game, which was in the 2008-2009 season and only seven times has ever been done in the leagues long history.

Málaga, Espanyol and Racing failed to follow the path blazed Koné with Levante and the Real Sociedad now have the opportunity to take the path that started the club granota.

“I’d like to be in the starting eleven with Higuain “

Karim Benzema enjoying his best season since joining Real Madrid. “The truth is I’m very happy. To me it’s important to feel good, have no hassles. Injuries have been finished and that’s what makes me feel good. I am also happy because we won a tough match and I could mark another goal, “he said at the conclusion of the match against Villarreal.

“I do not know if we are better than Barcelona, ​​but we are working on it”
“I think we are playing better as a team and the idea is to continue along this line. I do not know if we are better than Barcelona, ​​but we are working for it,” said the French striker, who has played in every game in the same place with Gonzalo Higuain.

For now, Mourinho choose to play only one striker, but Benzema sees no problem in forming a partnership with Argentine striker. “The important thing is we score goals and the team wins. I am so happy when I play with Higuain and the rest of the team. I’m so happy as with the goals that i score. We can be together as a team. We’ve played together. But this is a coach’s decision. not mine. Mourinho is the one who decides, who knows what is best for the team, “he said.