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Cesc : “I’ll be here until you tell me enough”

Cesc Fabregas
Cesc Fabregas 100 games

Cesc contemplates one hundred and one games with Spain. He is happy and enjoys wearing the red shirt of the national team, he has confessed he is a Chelsea player and proud to walk through the center of the Spanish capital, where he received the affection of the spanish people. “It’s been 10 years. I am sure if you asked the fans about players who have reached the 100 games mark, few will remember me. There are many parties, many calls and many titles also. I feel happiness from the first day I arrived here and I am still feeling it” Cesc remembers that one hundred more games with the champion of Europe.

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Alvaro Arbeloa says ‘immature players’ let Jose Mourinho down

Lately there haven’t been many people, fans or players, who have been in support of Jose Mourinho when it comes to all madridistas. But recently, Spanish Real Madrid defender Alvaro Arbeloa did just that.

“Mourinho gave everything. He always put the club first and sometimes his image was affected by that. I am not sure everyone else, players included, can say the same.” Shortly after the match with Osasuna he also commented: “A lot of us [players] were worried we might look bad in the media. We worried about having a good public image and we always spoke for our own benefit.

“There is a good group of players here and we all have a good relationship but perhaps we lacked maturity at times. This coach has won wherever he has gone and it is strange that here, where he had the best squad he has ever had, is where he has won the least.”

The comments come in stark contrast to much of the press Mourinho has received, especially in light of his last match, where he claims the top-flight players who didn’t play in the match were either injured or declared themselves injured, including Iker Casillas, Ronaldo, and Pepe. Real Madrid still won the match, but it was a bitter ending for the Portuguese coach at the Bernabeu.

Mourinho addresses criticism from final match

Even though Real Madrid won in their last match at the Bernabeu, there was a dark cloud cast over the stadium as fans were divided over the team’s most polarizing figure. Jose Mourinho wasn’t leaving to much fanfare, and many of the Azulgrana faithful let it be known.

There was much drama also over the lineup which Mou brought out, one that didn’t feature their biggest superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, or Pepe, or Iker Casillas. Mourinho has chosen most of his words carefully, but in this situation he felt he had to defend himself against the media.

“Saturday’s headlines are twisted lies. If I had had to deny everything that was untrue, I would never have done anything else. But this is the last time, and since it’s possibly the last time I’m going to talk about Real Madrid, I would just like to say that the players who were not called up have either been declared unfit by the medical team, or consider themselves unfit,” he said. Continue reading Mourinho addresses criticism from final match

Mourinho’s final game at the Bernabeu an ugly one

Jose Mourinho is leaving Real Madrid after this last match with much controversy, so it was only right that he came into the contest against Osasuna with much controversy. His squabbles with Iker Casillas were well documented, so even though the keeper had recovered from his injury, he was left out of the lineup in place of Jesus Fernandez.

Los Blancos fans were very much divided, as one contingent jeered and whistled as Mou’s name was announced over the speakers, while the other stood in support for him. It was almost as if the result of the match was not important.  Continue reading Mourinho’s final game at the Bernabeu an ugly one

Mou leaves Madrid with three titles, but without a Champions League trophy

21mourinho-articleLargeReal Madrid coach Jose Mourinho will leave the club after winning a league, the Copa del Rey and Supercopa of Spain in his three seasons at the club.

The Portuguese coach will leave Real Madrid after “the worst season” of his career, having won the Supercopa of Spain against Barcelona, but without any of the three major titles this season-La Liga, Copa del Rey and Champions League-, reaching a balance of only three titles of a possible eleven in his time on Los Blancos white bench. His tenure at the Bernabeu started with the clear objective of dethroning Barcelona. Continue reading Mou leaves Madrid with three titles, but without a Champions League trophy

Real Madrid’s president announces Mourinho’s farewell

-Florentino Perez convened media at the Santiago Bernabeu to publicly announce that Jose Mourinho will cease to be the coach of Real Madrid when this season ends.

Although the Portuguese coach had a contract until 2016, the club has reached an agreement with him to leave three years after his arrival. “Nobody has displaced anyone, it was by mutual agreement,” he said. “It’s not pleasant that he’s leaving, but after three years we both agreed it was time to end this relationship,” he said. Continue reading Real Madrid’s president announces Mourinho’s farewell