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Diego Costa is back in training!

Diego Costa returned to Madrid yesterday , so her trip to Belgrade lasted just one day. The Spanish-Brazilian landed at Barajas late in the afternoon. Appeared in executive airport terminal accompanied by Oscar Pitillas , boiler template Atl├ętico .
With BRAND sole witness , climbed into a van and headed directly to the Cemtro clinic to undergo an MRI in which could see the effects of lightning treatment to which he was subjected in the Serbian capital by Marijana Kovacevic , also known as the Miracle Doctor.

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Diego Costa will risk

Diego Costa hasten all options not to miss the final of the Champions League final to be held in Lisbon on Saturday and if there is a minimal chance of being on the field with his teammates , the Brazilian will be Hispanic .

Diego Costa
Diego Costa

The Atletico Madrid traveled to Belgrade for treatment of biceps femoris microrrotura with doctoria Kovacevik Marijana , who has treated other players like Van Persie and Lampard and has the nickname ‘ Doctor Miracle ‘ .
In order to shorten recovery uses horse placenta treatment and electric shocks , which has been successful on several occasions.

Accompanied by Oscar Pitillas on his trip to the Serbian capital , Diego Costa has no doubt noted that if doctors give option will risk to play the final of the Champions League .