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Diego Costa: “People have treated me as expected”

Diego Costa has been one of the stars of the day in Caju. Athletic striker has appeared at a press conference to review the early days of concentration in which the end of the day it is their country of origin. That way, the first issue has been hosting. “So far things are going well. People have treated me the way I expect, although you may at some point it is not. I’m cool, I have the support of enough people who understand what happened,” says the Red tip.

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Diego Costa: traitor or antidote to nationalism?

Diego Costa
Diego Costa

The Today striker of Atletico Madrid, Brazilian footballer Diego Costa is in their country of birth order to stoning. Your decision to want to play the World Cup next year in the selection of Spain and not in the country that “gave all” has become among his little less than an outlaw. The most common adjective that is blamed is “traitor” and is reminded that it is not just “spit on the dish that fed him when he was hungry.”

Other, less likely to feed what an editorial in the newspaper Folha de São Paulo criticizes as “sectarian nationalism” even prefer to see the universalist attitude Costa as an “antidote to the old sin of nationalism.”

In Brazil writes that Atletico Madrid is a traitor because he had said that since childhood “his dream was to play in the Brazilian national” and now, “money”, has betrayed his old desire.

Some prefer to think that the wave of antipathy and verbal aggression against the player should be, above all, to go to contest the Cup with Spain, one of the most feared teams in the Brazilian team. “If it had decided to contest the World Cup in an unknown African team had nobody interested in it,” says El Pais journalist who has worked on television and now prefers to sell homes because it “pays more”.

However, if Costa has served to awaken the eternal theme of Brazilian nationalism, which they say has persisted since the days of the Empire, and that may be one of the reasons that Brazilians feel in any way Latin Americans. Nor Europeans. “We felt that, Brazilians,” they all say.

How to reconcile this strong sense of nationalism, which has advantages such as ignore some bloody rivalries between regional states as far apart as China Paris, with old inferiority complex coined by Brazilian writer Nelson Rodrigues as ” complex mutt “?

Is that one of the anomalies of a country not easy to understand or analyze, a rich and contradictory country at once, full of fascination with its load of humanity and strong accent of superiority when compared with its neighbors.

Folha’s editorial, which warns during the war raised against the Brazilian player, remember that there is even a contradiction between the heads of the national team, as coach Luiz Felipe Scolari, who seems to forget, in their Costa criticism, that he coached Portugal team after winning the Cup in 2002. And his colleague Alberto Parreira has coached four foreign teams.

Brazil is a country where old lingering nationalism are being nullified by the emergence of globalization in all fields. It is a modern country, a place where people from over one hundred nationalities, where all world cuisines can be savored and where they are at ease and at peace people’s different faiths and ideologies. Why keep it remnants of old nationalisms?

Diego Costa’s case, his “globalized” could act and should be read as a sign more than a few times in which true civilization should move away from the virus of nationalism and borders that separate people. Have not you said that football and sport in general, should be the modern substitute to old wars? And what greater antidote to war gesture Diego Costa of winning the World under a flag that is not his birth, but the universality of a world like no other photo ID badge and belong the human race?

Diego Costa and talks about his departure to Chelsea

Diego Costa, striker of Atletico Madrid and the Spanish national team, had a good meeting with eleven Forest without any hassle of coming to haunt him in recent months with his club.
The player then attended the media at the end of the match and when asked about his future, hinted that he could leave Chelsea English. “What if I go to Chelsea? Well, maybe yes, “were the words of the brave front.

Diego Costa ready to sign for Chelsea

It is still happening news about the future of Diego Costa and likely move to Chelsea. The latest news is that, as noted from England, have Atletico striker passed a medical with his new team.

This point was “The Guardian”, which ensures that Costa has passed the relevant examinations. Since the player is now concentrated with the Spanish team, it makes sense that English medium refers to a survey carried out weeks ago. Moreover, from the same British newspaper the interest that exists within ‘blue’ in two Atletico midfielder Tiago and Brazilian Filipe Luis lateral stresses.

The transfer would be sealed around EUR 40 million, the clause which has the player at Atletico Madrid and strengthen the rumors point to the arrival of Roberto Soldado to the Vicente Calderon.

Atletico player make the Spanish selection

Atletico Selection
Atletico Selection

Atletico is back. His latest hits so but indicated that the Spanish team was missing its huge eco achievements made ​​. However, Del Bosque has taken note of the path of a model team and has decided to take four colchoneros the World Cup Brazil .
A poker and white ( Juanfran , Koke , Diego Costa and Villa) surpassed only seven summoned Barcelona and Real Madrid trumps the second nursery as Red , for this time will be only three footballers Chamartín club present at the meeting South American .

The finding is significant because Atletico had until now a token presence in the golden age of our choice . There was no one in Euro 2008 and also the 2010 World Cup, while in the last European Championship itself was Juanfran , although he did not play a single minute.
In fact, for 18 years that there were four red and whites with the Spanish team in a major competition . It was at Euro 1996, contested by Molina , Juanma Lopez, Caminero and Kiko .
Two years later at the World Cup in France , Kiko repeat , although Aguilera sole companion.
The dramatic decline in 2000 did not prevent Camacho convene Molina and Valeron for Euro Belgium and the Netherlands , although in 2002 , and with Atletico as newly promoted , Murcia technical dispensed with the mattress for the appointment of Japan and Korea South .
In 2004, at the European Championship in Portugal , Fernando Torres debut with La Roja in a major competition and two years later repeated in the World in the company of Pablo Ibanez and Antonio Lopez.

Del Bosque: “The decision to include Costa will at the last moment”

Vicente del Bosque has declared that for the preparation of the final list of the World he and his team try to ” make the best decision ” and that regards Diego Costa “will be at the last minute .”
” All pick lists are very difficult. ‘ll Try to make the best decision for the country,” said Del Bosque during the special program to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the ‘ Carousel Deportivo ‘ and the twenty-fifth of ‘ The Rail’ of BE from Soccer City of Las Rozas.
Referring to the injury of Costa , Del Bosque said : ” De Diego Costa will not know more than the medical report will take a decision at the last minute . ” .
The special program also involved several Spanish international , and Andres Iniesta, who said , “Let’s try to make things right because we have a responsibility to Spain .” Gerard Piqué remembered for his victory of Spain in Euro 2008 , which “changed the history of football in this country,” and it was ” thanks to all the work of the lower grades .”
Pepe Reina said that ” the secret of success ” national team ” is that there is a relationship between all the costumes .”
Xavi Hernandez believes ” is not just a cycle ” and augurs well for the national team: “We gradually leaving a generation , but more important to keep players.”