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The risk of Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo will be able to play the World Cup. This seems to be the unanimous conclusion within the Portuguese national team , although none of them dares to ensure that will make it safe . Has an injury that forced him to stop. The past few weeks have , though not the competition ( Champions and Golden Boot ) , or his ambition allowed him to.
Beyond its problems in the thigh and calf , fear of medical services lusos is overcharging the patellar tendon. He has already played with it, but now there is fear that these games played have approached him a break. After the exertion of Lisbon, many feared had reached that point . But is not the case for now.
Resonance images you practiced on Saturday showed a shy but insufficient improvement. The tendon is very strong and it is difficult to break. Usually occurs in only players who have played repeatedly infiltrated , as happened to the other Ronaldo. No alerts and rarely there microrroturas : if it breaks, it breaks whole . Still, sources consulted by the Portuguese selection MARK dare not rule out a small – very small – break: “It would be very difficult to diagnose . It has a muscular injury that is doing well , that requires treatment and rest , something that has not been able to do the player , “they explain .
The reality is that the hard CR7 year forced him to reach Lisbon risk of severe tendinitis in the tendon and that is what forced marches are trying to avoid . Hence the mantra repeated endlessly Paulo Bento : ” We will not jeopardize anyone’s health .”
In Portugal they have not gone down well alarmist leaks ‘from Spain ‘ on the state of Cris . They understand that those same alarms should have sounded some time, but that far to meet them , CR7 risked . It is something which comprise as logical , given the importance of what the club that pays playing . Now, reject any pressure when assessing whether Ronaldo will be fit or not to compete in Brazil.
The risk is there. Cristiano wants to play it and win it all. And everyone wants to have him : his club , that’s what you pay for, and your country. But it’s not a superman. And this is what awaits all stakeholders : in Madrid fear that they dispute it all again and break in Brazil. Or, if not break , which is forced to stop after over a longer period of time, as happened to Rafa Nadal -20 days , in case of inflammation of the patellar tendon is very little, and it would be a matter more close to three months . In Portugal pray that the care you are receiving to take effect and be your best. They have it from day 16 in friendly against Germany .
He , who ultimately decides not want to miss a World Cup in his year: his second Golden Ball and The Tenth . And in the middle , the Lusitanian patrocionadores managers and friendlies in the U.S., which are starting to be clear that Ronaldo on the field , you will see very little. Rather nothing to Brazil.
Another thing are the official versions, which says Paulo Bento, etc. . But off the record explains that if tomorrow the final of Champions , CR7 play . He is now resting , something not to do in Madrid. All you have sufriéndolo takes a while and worsened in the final in Lisbon. The trial for his recovery is underway and going well. Everyone seems confident that they will be . But at what cost ?

Cristiano Ronaldo: “All the news about my renewal with Real Madrid are false”

Cristiano Ronaldo has decided to put an end to all the rumours concerning the negotiations that he is supposed to be having with Real Madrid to extend his contract, which runs out in June, 2015: “All the news about my renewal with Real Madrid are false”, he assured on his official Twitter account.

A few days ago, the Portuguese forward seemed quite up-beat and optimistic about the matter: “I’m quite calm, I’m not worried about it. I know that we will reach a renewal agreement and so I’m not really thinking about it”, he explained from the Portugal camp.

According to some sources, Monaco is willing to pay €100 million for the goal-machine, which would make it the most expensive deal in footballing history. Meanwhile, Florentino Pérez has assured in MARCA that he wants to make Cristiano Real Madrid’s new Di Stéfano.

“My wish, and that of Cristiano and the Real Madrid fans, is that he plays here for many years to come. And if everyone wants the same thing, it’s difficult for it not to happen. I, Real Madrid, want it; Cristiano, the player, wants it” he said.

Florentino Perez: “Ronaldo will be our future Di Stéfano”

Florentino Pérez is looking tired. It’s understandable, since the last two weeks he’s had no life. There were no elections needed to continue as president of Real Madrid, but the wear of the campaign tour included by the media, and the steps to several moves that will help shape his new team are proving exhausting.

MARCA.com interviewed Perez in his ACS office. Here are some of the responses he gave to them in an interview:

Q: What happened on July 16, 2000?
A: I was elected president of Real Madrid.

Q: What was the first major decision you took?
A: Appoint Alfredo di Stéfano Honorary Chairman.

Q: Rather than signing Figo.
A: They are two different things. The Di Stefano appointment was something institutional. Signing players is something cyclical. Before they stopped me in the street and thanked me for signing Figo and Zidane. And now they thank me for signing Cristiano. Continue reading Florentino Perez: “Ronaldo will be our future Di Stéfano”

Neymar’s deal will make Cristiano Ronaldo richer

Cristiano Ronaldo Florentino Perez and continue with negotiations that have opened to balance the new contract figures for the Portuguese footballer. It’s not easy because of the very high amounts of money, and you have to adjust the budget set by the club and the player’s desire, who has two more seasons and is in a position of advantage. Already there is a club that has offered 60 million euros in signing bonus for Ronaldo to be freed from the team.

The numbers have raised on both sides of the table. Everything is analyzed in detail and contrasted. There is a deadline both clubs to give an answer. They both work with the perspective that comes from the fact that Cristiano is happy at Real Madrid and will be here next season. Thus, steps are being taken to close the deal, as we say, in terms of the data and image rights, mainly. Also the years and other objectives are variables.

A new factor has entered the scenario, affecting the negotiation. This is the signing of Neymar at Barcelona, ​​which increases the revision of Cristiano Ronaldo. Continue reading Neymar’s deal will make Cristiano Ronaldo richer

Cristiano Ronaldo will not return to Real Madrid

Real Madrid has been through its ups and downs throughout the past couple of months, if not years. But things are looking to get a bit rockier.

In Tuesday’s edition of Portuguese newspaper ‘A Bola’, reports surfaced that current Los Blancos star Cristiano Ronaldo has decided once his contract expires in 2015, he will not return with the team. The report goes on to point to a feeling of resentment Ronaldo is getting from Real Madrid’s top brass, despite the number of amazing performances and worldwide branding he’s brought to the club.

A departure from Ronaldo would be the mammoth of all the exits that are taking place and are yet to come, and signals tough times ahead for Real Madrid president Florentino Perez. Ronaldo came to Madrid amongst a blockbuster of signings in 2009, but considering the vast budget used in combination with expectations of Jose Mourinho, many see the past couple of years as much of  a failure.

Florentino: “I wouldn’’t sell Ronaldo, not for €1,000 million”

Real Madrid is holding elections for the presidency of the club, and Florentino Perez is doing everything in his power to retain that office. In speaking with Spanish sports radio show, ‘The 12 0’clock match’, he didn’t hesitate to relay the importance of keeping superstar Cristiano Ronaldo throughout his time there.

“I’ll do everything in my power to renew Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract. He has two more years left, he’s the best in the world and we would like to boost the team with him as the leader. I would like him to stay here until the end of his sporting career. He’s a born winner and he wants to win titles and lots of Ballon d’Ors and Real Madrid is the place to do it,” Perez said about Los Blancos’ best player. Continue reading Florentino: “I wouldn’’t sell Ronaldo, not for €1,000 million”