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Real Madrid are counting down the hours to sign Carlos Ancelotti

Ancelotti has just a few hours to announce his move to Real Madrid. And their wish may soon come true, in the last few days the white club has taken a giant step in the efforts to incorporate the Italian to the bench at the Bernabeu.

Ancelotti on the brink on signing
Ancelotti on the brink on signing

Jose Angel Sanchez, general manager of Madrid, has been three days in Qatar meeting with the PSG owners to unlock once and for all Ancelotti output of all ties.

The coach is optimistic and hopes that tomorrow will be the day in which the he signs for Madrid as he remains detached from the French club.

This week, through his agent Ernesto Bronzetti, he has returned to contact the leaders of Madrid to announce that it is ready to come now. Carletto has nothing more to talk with PSG.

Ancelotti understood that his decision to leave was to convey the President of PSG Leonardo. He did and that has created more confusion to his decision to leave.

In Leonardo PSG have ordered efforts to expedite the signing of new coach and sporting director insists on hiring Guus Hiddink, current coach of Anzhi Russian.

Ancelotti will come to Madrid making less money than Mourinho. To break his contract with PSG will pay 4 million euros