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Ancelotti Triumphant

The other winner in Europe , apart from elections, and politicking , is Ancelotti. Already Carlo III of Europe, the most successful man in the old continent . Only Bob Paisley caught up in Liverpool. A Carlo will also distinguish two Champions as a player and three as a coach , two with the Milan and Madrid with the Tenth , and even thus Miguel Muñoz , who also added five as a player from the bench.
Something will Carlo during good season in the thick of being a white coach , unscripted and end run by the whims of the stars. Is that always hung poster , but is winning , and that’s what counts at Real Madrid, and which led to bet at another time for another winning coach .

He has achieved 84% wins in the Champions

But in the case of Ancelotti titles should always be liked by divine grace. So in many chronic or his name is , is not going to be as you have to put too bold display. In the end, it is the triumph of an enlightened that he has had a double, something not seen since 1958 at the White House
The Madrid left it to Carletto a team that had just divided , perhaps exhausted other noise generating winning coach . Florentino then decided to restore institutional Ancelotti calm. The pacifier, as it was known within the club around his signature , he wanted to break from the outset with the above. ” I do not care what happened , but what can happen,” he told them .
Ancelotti has remained steadfast and quiet lives happily in Madrid , oblivious to the controversy over its management, and even does not mind give joy to his detractors : “I’m a lucky man , but not the final ,” said Lisbon .
Carlo has tried to get along with everyone , with the club, with the press and his players . It is their way of seeing this business. So won the Cup and took the Hells Madrid Munich 0-4 for a place in the final , but the thud of the League returned again suspected .
So his sin was let go in the league and its players agree to lower their arms or they are removed from the middle in the league soon. It should not be enough to crucify him. The Tenth deserves a truce.

Carlo Ancelotti set to leave PSG for Real Madrid

Carlo Ancelotti may no longer be coach of PSG in the coming hours. The Italian is expected to meet today with Nasser al Khelaifi, Sheikh and Club president to try to break his contract which ties him to Paris for one more season. With Carlo is the emissary of Real Madrid, Ernesto Bronzetti.

PSG is still waiting for Real Madrid’s next move. They are in no hurry. In fact, Al Khelaifi arrived yesterday in Paris after a few days of travel, and is ready to run a gamut of negotiations that don’t want to end. The Laurent Blanc option is discarded and if Madrid want to Ancelotti will have to negotiate with the leaders of the French club. Continue reading Carlo Ancelotti set to leave PSG for Real Madrid

Carlo Ancelotti to Real Madrid no longer a lock

Carlo Ancelotti to Real Madrid no longer a lock
Carlo Ancelotti to Real Madrid no longer a lock

Real Madrid had been hot on Carlo Ancelotti’s trail to make him the newest leader of Los Blancos in wake of Jose Mourinho’s departure. While it seemed that everything was lining up for that to take place, a recent snag in these developments may cause Real to look elsewhere.

Ancleotti, Real Madrid, and Paris Saint-Germain were under negotiations to bring him to the Bernabeu. However, Leonardo de Araújo, PSG’s sporting director who had been tapped to be the next PSG coach, was recently banned for nine months by the French National Football League for shoving a referee.

The harsh punishment means that Leonardo will be unable to assume duties as coach, and PSG are now left to look for other options, and aren’t willing to let go of Ancelotti just yet, if at all. Real Madrid hope to find a new coach as soon as possible, and don’t want this process to draw out long into the summer.

Madrid hope to introduce Ancelotti on June 3

Florentino Perez has had a busy summer already acting as the re-elected president of Real Madrid, but he’ll be officially announced in that office Sunday, June 2. Perez will hope to make an equally big announcement the following Monday.

Carlo Ancelotti has been linked with the recently vacated Real Madrid coaching position, but it is believed that Florentino Perez has moved to make it a reality. Club brass and players alike at PSG had lamented and fought against his departure, but reports are that Ancelotti and Madrid have come to an agreement.

Perez also hopes to introduce football great Zinedine Zidane as part of an executive managerial position. The Real Madrid president has lauded the former players influence inside the club, calling him a great “asset” to the team. Perez hopes to replicate this summer the great achievements he accomplished in 2009, when he spent over €250 million to secure a troupe of players, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka.

Real Madrid secures Heynckes as a backup plan

heynckesAt Real Madrid do not want problems with the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti, a scenario they haven’t entirely ruled out, and don’t want to be caught without a plan B in place. Hence the white dome has secured the arrival of Jupp Heynckes in case they cannot secure the Italian without financial penalty to break his contract with PSG. Continue reading Real Madrid secures Heynckes as a backup plan