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The success of the BBC

The season of the BBC has brushed outstanding . The trident formed by Benzema, Christian Bale and completed the year with 97 goals , 27 of them in the Champions League. And few doubt the return on investment of almost 230 million by the three .
Cristiano Ronaldo, with 51 goals , Karim Benzema, 24 , and Gareth Bale, 22 , completed a great goalscorer year showing the harmony of the BBC. And that the Portuguese and Welsh have been injured in various stages of the season.
66% of European goals of Madrid led the signing of the BBC , a percentage which is 60% of total director of Real Madrid team this season.

The success of the BBC
The success of the BBC

The Portuguese has lowered his goalscoring this season compared to the last two seasons : 60 (11/ 12) , 55 ( 12/13) and 51 (13 /14). The Champions record with 17 goals will be history . However, the 31 league goals have earned for his third Golden Boot

Bale and Benzema, 35 assists
Benzema is not over exploit their goal , especially in the final stretch of the season, although in assists ( 16). The goal at the Bernabeu against Bayern was the most important of a campaign that has lacked some goal to be the 9 of Madrid.

And Bale has given up after all the problems he has suffered. The lack of pre-season and his physical problems have not been an obstacle to overcome twenty goals (22) and reached 19 assists.

Goles de la BBC: Total (Liga+Champions+Copa)
 Cristiano Ronaldo 51 (31+17+3)
 Karim Benzema 24 (17+5+2)
 Gareth Bale 22 (15+5+2)

The BBC will be at the Champions League Final


If the game were today , Benzema would not play . ” Ancelotti ‘s phrase , uttered during the media day of the white club last Tuesday, set off alarms in the most pessimistic . But this group is not Benzema, that after the first few days I had serious doubts , yesterday looked more than ever on the lawn of Lisbon. A strained adductor always generates many questions , but what counts in these cases , sometimes more than the science itself , are the feelings of football in the previous hours . And the front is sure to arrive on time. Because if anything it came Benzema to Real Madrid five years ago was to live this moment . And the French do not imagine miss that appointment. The Champions has always been his favorite competition , both Lyon and Real Madrid. At times where it has been questioned , Europe has been a lifeline , a way to redeem themselves. In the Champions League, Benzema has achieved spectacular goals for the club , as he achieved in Amsterdam against Ajax , but also critical , as he scored Bayern in the first leg of the semifinals. A depleted end The striker has not had the season finale imagined physically . Diminished by a sore knee , was forced to stop when the league seemed longer a pipe dream . He did not play in Vigo to recover , but decided against Espanyol and do for fear of losing the rhythm. Contracture was when he arrived in the adductor , right at the time gave up the goal to Bale. It was his bitter care, because he knew that injury , which gave him many problems in his first year in Madrid , it’s hard to leave behind . Karim has been tested in clinical control Sanitas La Moral who confirmed that everything has been in a small contracture and that there is no solution I rest. In training yesterday , also jumped into the front lawn. He got a morning in the hands of the physios and performed aerobic exercises that will not affect the damaged area. The player wants to get as thin as possible to the appointment , knowing who is living the most important year of his entire career , with the Champions League final and their first World Cup with France just around the corner. Benzema is still three days counting on the party to speed up your options. What is clear is that the player wants to go and if not the most Ancelotti decided not to risk and wait on the bench. But Carlo has always relied on its front .

Benzema: Mou is a great coach

Karim Benzema talked with MARCA.com in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel in Porto Alegre, after one of the toughest seasons of his career. No title, fewer goals and more criticism. Nevertheless, the Frenchman is trying to see the glass half full and look with optimism to the future. Karim analyzes the current situation of Real Madrid with the same serenity with which he plays. Nothing seems to move him. Not even Mourinho’s farewell. Benzema is only concerned about the game, what makes him happy.

Q: What message can you give to the fans after a season like this?
A: Continue to support us forever and that we will fight next season to win the most titles and the Champions League, of course.

Q: How do you rate your season on a personal level?
A: Well, well … Playing with Real Madrid makes me very happy, I love to wear this shirt and in that sense I have to say I’m happy. As a scorer my season has not been like the last, it is true. A year ago I ended up with 30 goals and this year I’ve had 20, but nothing happened. I will continue working hard to try to make things right. Continue reading Benzema: Mou is a great coach

“I’d like to be in the starting eleven with Higuain “

Karim Benzema enjoying his best season since joining Real Madrid. “The truth is I’m very happy. To me it’s important to feel good, have no hassles. Injuries have been finished and that’s what makes me feel good. I am also happy because we won a tough match and I could mark another goal, “he said at the conclusion of the match against Villarreal.

“I do not know if we are better than Barcelona, ​​but we are working on it”
“I think we are playing better as a team and the idea is to continue along this line. I do not know if we are better than Barcelona, ​​but we are working for it,” said the French striker, who has played in every game in the same place with Gonzalo Higuain.

For now, Mourinho choose to play only one striker, but Benzema sees no problem in forming a partnership with Argentine striker. “The important thing is we score goals and the team wins. I am so happy when I play with Higuain and the rest of the team. I’m so happy as with the goals that i score. We can be together as a team. We’ve played together. But this is a coach’s decision. not mine. Mourinho is the one who decides, who knows what is best for the team, “he said.