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Neymar: “I still have butterflies in my stomach”

Neymar nervousNeymar shed genuine tears in his last match with Santos this past weekend, and it goes to show how difficult the decision to move to Barca was for him. The Brazilian striker is feeling a mix of emotions as he’s torn between the club that’s treated him so well and the great opportunity that lies before him.

“I still have butterflies in my stomach,” he said. He realizes not everybody believes he will succeed at Camp Nou, as he’s often been labeled a ‘Youtube player’, meaning someone who flashes a lot but isn’t necessarily the most efficient. However, playing along the likes of Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Dani Alves and Adriano, Neymar should have no problem hiding any of his flaws.

Neymar will travel to Barcelona in the near future to be officially presented to the Blaugrana faithful, but will then turn his focus to preparing for the Confederations Cup. “We have to pull together,” he said. “We have a group of extremely talented players who can take Brazil to the top.”

Will Neymar be able to keep his number?

Neymar with his favorite shirt numberJersey numbers in sports are always an interesting issue, and sometimes the value of a number can be more serious to some players than others. With Neymar coming to Barcelona this summer, it is yet to be seen how serious Neymar will be about keeping the number 11 he wore at Santos.

Neymar’s two favorite numbers are 7 and 11, which are currently worn by David Villa a’nd Thiago, respectively. He wore the number 11 in respect to one of his most influential players, Romario, who interestingly enough played for Barca as well. He had worn the number 7 playing for the Brazilian national team.

Neymar may have to come to a personal agreement with either of the players if he wants to keep either number, but that might not be necessary. Reports have widely linked David Villa to being moved this summer, along with reports Thiago is unhappy about his playing time. The team store has been selling Neymar jersey’s with both numbers, so it appears he may have his pick already.


Tito Vilanova believes Neymar chose opportunity over money

Barcelona’s embattled manager Tito Vilanova was graced by good fortune this week when football superstar Neymar decided to join the Blaugrana. But the coach believes that the player’s decision to join Barca shows how much he wants to succeed at the top-club level.

Barcelona’s €28 million offer was accepted by Santos FC earlier this week, bringing to a close a fierce bidding war which saw club brass from even Real Madrid flying into Brazil to get a deal done. Neymar finished up his final match this weekend with his now former club, and Tito couldn’t hold back his excitement when asked to speak about his new acquisition. Continue reading Tito Vilanova believes Neymar chose opportunity over money

Neymar: “It will be an enormous honor to play with Messi, Xavi, and Iniesta”

neymar thanking fansNeymar Santos said goodbye to Santos FC today in a match against Flamengo that ended 0-0. Afterwards he said it “will be a huge honor to play with Messi, Xavi and Iniesta”, his future mates at FC Barcelona.

“It hasn’t really sunk in that I’m “joining “the best team in the world” but it will be “an honor to play there,” said Neymar, who revealed that the person who most insisted that he join Barcelona was back Dan Alves.

“Playing with Messi will be a dream, with him and all the other Barca players,” added the 21-year old. Continue reading Neymar: “It will be an enormous honor to play with Messi, Xavi, and Iniesta”

Barca’s players to divide €1 million if they reach 100

Sandro RosellBarcelona are on the cusp of achieving a feat that has only been captured by their rival club, Real Madrid. One would think the thought of reaching a total of 100 league points, in addition to winning it would be enough motivation for players to finish off the season right.

It appears club president Sandro Rosell has upped the stakes by offering his players a €1 million incentive to get the job done. The la liga players have already divided €20 million after winning the league, and this latest offer appears to to be icing on the cake. Continue reading Barca’s players to divide €1 million if they reach 100

Barcelona looks to equal Madrid’s 100-point record

Barcelona players celebrate after scoring against Espanyol Sunday.
Barcelona players celebrate after scoring against Espanyol Sunday.

Even though Barcelona are just weeks removed from capturing the league title and celebrating as champions, even then they knew their work was not done. Due to their incredible season the Blaugrana retained the enviable position of equaling the amazing 100-point record mark set by Real Madrid last year.

No one should think for one second they will not try to achieve it.

Barcelona took care of business in their latest task as they defeated Espanyol 2-0 at Cornellà-El Prat. It didn’t take long to score, as Alexis Sanchez scored in the 14th minute after an incredible display of skill, beating the blanquiazules keeper Cristian Álvarez. Barca wouldn’t score until four minutes remaining in the game, as Pedro Rodríguez finished off a beautiful one-two with Xavi and volleyed it into the back of the net. Continue reading Barcelona looks to equal Madrid’s 100-point record