The “Special Three”: Diego Simeone’s incredible transformation of Atletico

diego simeone special threeDiego Pablo Simeone arrived in December 2011 to take charge of a sunken team full of ghosts. On January 7, 2012, in La Roselda he led the first party of a group of players that came from being eliminated from the Copa del Rey by Segunda B (Albacete) and had come too close to the monster of descent.

Less than a year and a half later, el Cholo has made Atletico Madrid a team that looks nothing like the one he started with. Last season his team recovered to be eliminated so close to the Champions League. Next remained a goal much greater for the club, but one that was much heavier.

That May in Bucharest, Atletico Madrid won their second Europa League in three seasons passing over Athletic. It was an assurance that the marked journey from Argentina was the correct one.

If anyone had doubts about Atletico, it had nothing to do with what took place at the Calderon Cup against Albacete, and on August 31 last year Atletico name became a worldwide hero. In the European Super they shattered Chelsea in the Champions League 4-1, a result that happened for the first time since the competition began in 1998.

Yesterday, at the Bernabeu, Simeone completed his treble of titles with the conquest of the Copa del Rey. Yesterday’s title is full of symbolism for everything that happened previously in duels with Madrid. He, who was part of a dark history of 14 years, is the chief moment of when it ended. In 16 months since his debut he has won three titles, which equals Mourinho who joined Madrid three seasons ago at the Bernabeu.

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