Soldado: “This season we can improve”

soldadoRoberto Soldado revealed his committed aspect when talking about Valencia’s possibilities of busting through the roof and enhancing on the last few seasons. “We all need to give just that little bit extra: we can’t relax on what we did last year. That’s our goal and our belief. We consider we can do much better this campaign, the Spanish international stated.

Soldado was discussing from the summer camp for 80 kids that shows his name in the Valencian town of Sedaví, in which it was the last day. Pre-season with Valencia kicks off in just a few hours, and the striker is declining to lament the departures from the club “because Valencia has to keep searching forward”. Soldado has no questions about what the team’s target is: “We’re all willing to hit the ground running: it’s will be a hard year, but we’re sure we can have a good season and try to improve on last year”.

Despite the fact that La Liga’s heavyweights are set to battle it out again for the big titles, Soldado says that you’d be stupid to rule out Valencia’s chances. “Madrid and Barça lead the way in the league. We’ll do our best to challenge them. But we know it will be a tall order”.

Finally, Soldado said that he has been pleased by what little he has seen of his new manager, Mauricio Pellegrino: “He’s really up for it and he knows the club. His strategy is going to have a really positive effect”.

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