Sergio Ramos says “Atlético are favorite to win the Champions League”

Sergio Ramos assessed in the ‘ Media Day’ the final of the Champions League on Saturday against Atletico Madrid . White believes that Atletico defense is the “favorite” to be the current league champions .
Sensations for the final: “It is clear that this is , after so long it’s time not only collectively , but through sacrifice, humility and team effort of all the rewards of playing a Champions League final is collected, to personal level is almost a dream , is lucky enough to hopefully things go well and the fans and we can enjoy that long-awaited Tenth ” .

Nine years on the team . ” Is what little I have personally to add to the curriculum will ‘m optimistic and I knew the time would come , I hope they make the game of our lives, we can not blame anything and everyone are plugged in and hopefully we have a chance to win it. ”

Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos

Will playing without Pepe : “For me Pepe is one of the best plants in the world , we are a couple that we’ve been playing muchjo time it is touched and not know if you will be arriving but we must not detract from Varane or you can play instead. departing guests must leave confident of winning. ”
Prune bill the last three league games : I think not , at the end of the day is not the time to talk about the three league games, when finished the championship in general we can speak freely to not harm the equipment and so focus in the final. flattery should not influence us and the reviews either, is a final , which does not leave plugged in is that no blood. ”
Is this the Diego Costa will play : . ” Merit and great campaign Atletico is recognized , they are deserving of the League, but the Champions League is something else, I do not care to play Diego Costa or not in the big races we like that are the best Coast and it is. ”
Everything or nothing : . ” All the Champions , many years without reaching the final is a unique opportunity to win it would be hard not to dream and achieve it, all or nothing depending on the balance As I said the other day wins . . title and seems to have been forgotten but no. wish so and you have the game of life. we’re all very important and are eligible to play if there are colleagues with the same enthusiasm and the same ambition. ”
? Bookmark in Lisbon : “Atletico is the favorite, is the reigning Other years have given it to others , however, now it is up to them because they have earned it be everything to a letter is a . . . . unique opportunity , it is true that the second one does not agree . Finals are to be won . “

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