The roads from Madrid are going to be jam packed today!

The traffic from Madrid
The traffic from Madrid

Everything is ready for some 70,000 fans of Real Madrid and Atletico 120,000 according to the Portuguese authorities – invade the capital of the neighboring country.
On the occasion of such an exodus has deployed a special operation to control the thousands of fans , not only during their stay in Lisbon, but also along the way. It’s about caring to the smallest detail of a historic shift .
Special care should be taken when traveling by road. The Directorate General of Traffic ( DGT) expected to carry about 15,000 vehicles between now and tomorrow the journey between Madrid and Lisbon. The proximity of cities means that, on this occasion, the A-5 will become the epicenter of the mass exodus. Nevertheless , dozens of trains and planes ( 135 flights are planned ) will complete the invasion.

The DGT is provided an unprecedented operation in order that travel completed satisfactorily for all followers and to ensure safety. For this, between now and Sunday, 300 police the Traffic Civil Guard regulate traffic along the motorway Extremadura .
In the course of just over 400 kilometers from Madrid to Badajoz, city that will access Portugal most vehicles, the DGT will feature 94 information panels , 65 stations for data collection and 70 cameras closed circuit TV to control the situation . From the air , two helicopters , one of them equipped with radar, also carry out surveillance .
Alcohol tests and the presence of mobile speed cameras will be increased . Apart from the usual recommendations concerning the use of seat , respect the speed limit and make rest stops , DGT also wants to remind drivers that they could be fined for loom scarves and flags. Likewise , you should not move in convoys for no more difficult traffic.
Regarding the access road to Lisbon , we recommend go for Vasco de Gama bridge ( A12 ) and not on April 25 , because the former has a higher capacity. Once in the Portuguese capital , Real Madrid fans can park in the technology park of the city, while Atletico will do so in the Feira Popular .
In regards to safety in Lisbon, Spanish fans will be provided with an operation to the attention of fans of both teams . The Consulate will be open continuously from morning 9.00 am to 20.00 pm on Sunday . In addition, the call center of the Consulate and the Embassy is guaranteed.
There will also be a police station Spanish-Portuguese Police in Lisbon airport to misplaced documents processed by the fans.

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