Operation Adan


The Real Madrid is considering exercising the option to repurchase Adan, belonging to Hoffenheim striker and would return to the White House for 12 million, as provided in their contract. The white club transferred it to the German club for six million two years ago, the period for which individual sections to retrieve saved, the first 9 and the second on 12.

After his assignment this season Eintracht Frankfurt, Adan not continue in Hoffenheim, which is negotiating with several German clubs to sell to international sub 21. Those 12 million is a figure significantly higher than the numbers that could be transferred and that from the Santiago Bernabeu try lowering that figure to make it more affordable.

The Madrid thus ensure a substitute for Alvaro Morata, whose short-term future is far from the Santiago Bernabeu. Both shared the lead in Castilla amounting to Second Hand Alberto Toril, though ‘Selu’, as he was in that locker room, was the ‘9 ‘cigar while he pulled Alvaro played left wing.

Regardless of what happens with Benzema and the possible arrival of Luis Suarez, Ancelotti would have a high ram (1.92), very goalscorer (40 goals in two seasons with Castilla, 14 last season, including 9 in Bundesliga ) and eager to prove himself at the highest level.

Quoted in the Bundesliga
Many Bundesliga teams that want to get their services from Eintracht Frankfurt to Hannover itself, through Hertha, Werder Bremen and Stuttgart. In England it has always interested to West Bromwich Albion and in Spain Sevilla and Villarreal have asked for it.

But Adan return to Madrid with my eyes closed. Meet the house, have friends in that locker room (wedding was in Nacho few days ago, as well as being very close to Jesse and Carvajal) and the opportunity to play in the current European champions.

At 24, and having been trained in the Celtic (Madrid 1.5 million paid for it six years ago and let a season on loan at Vigo), could return to Madrid with the same formula that Carvajal. Yes, we should not rule out, as they did with Negredo, it can be a bargaining chip in any negotiations, this option less likely.

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