Neymar’s deal will make Cristiano Ronaldo richer

Cristiano Ronaldo Florentino Perez and continue with negotiations that have opened to balance the new contract figures for the Portuguese footballer. It’s not easy because of the very high amounts of money, and you have to adjust the budget set by the club and the player’s desire, who has two more seasons and is in a position of advantage. Already there is a club that has offered 60 million euros in signing bonus for Ronaldo to be freed from the team.

The numbers have raised on both sides of the table. Everything is analyzed in detail and contrasted. There is a deadline both clubs to give an answer. They both work with the perspective that comes from the fact that Cristiano is happy at Real Madrid and will be here next season. Thus, steps are being taken to close the deal, as we say, in terms of the data and image rights, mainly. Also the years and other objectives are variables.

A new factor has entered the scenario, affecting the negotiation. This is the signing of Neymar at Barcelona, ​​which increases the revision of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The confirmation that the Real Madrid made a last attempt to sign the Brazilian and the subsequent agreement reached with the young player Barca have caused the Ronaldo contract to be reviewed following rethinking.

Florentino’s desire, as acknowledged in recent days, is to improve the agreement. The proposal Real Madrid has had is to get Ronaldo’s signature for 10 million for 2014. Also he is willing to review the image rights of the player who currently has 60% and 40% for the club. Cristiano pulled in about EUR 16 million on advertising, according to Forbes magazine.

The position of the Portuguese footballer is to significantly improve these figures. He wants to receive between 18 and 20 million euros net and 100% of the image rights. The claim the contract makes is that other players have similar contracts. Ronaldo’s is outdated, after seeing that Real Madrid offered Neymar 11 million euros net and 70% of the image rights, 10% more than he has.

Barcelona will pay the Neymar 8 million euros net and 100% of the image rights. Neymar netted 12 million euros on advertising last year. Also, he has received 30 million in signing bonus.

Neymar’s contract adds to other players who have recently wanted to take a quantum leap in their income. The last is for Falcao for Monaco. He will collect 14 million euros.

Also left is the review of Messi’s contract in February. The Argentine received EUR 13 million net, plus another 3 in variables, and continues with his image rights to 100%, as all other players of Barcelona. In the last year he netted 16 million euros, according to Forbes.

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