Will Neymar be able to keep his number?

Neymar with his favorite shirt numberJersey numbers in sports are always an interesting issue, and sometimes the value of a number can be more serious to some players than others. With Neymar coming to Barcelona this summer, it is yet to be seen how serious Neymar will be about keeping the number 11 he wore at Santos.

Neymar’s two favorite numbers are 7 and 11, which are currently worn by David Villa a’nd Thiago, respectively. He wore the number 11 in respect to one of his most influential players, Romario, who interestingly enough played for Barca as well. He had worn the number 7 playing for the Brazilian national team.

Neymar may have to come to a personal agreement with either of the players if he wants to keep either number, but that might not be necessary. Reports have widely linked David Villa to being moved this summer, along with reports Thiago is unhappy about his playing time. The team store has been selling Neymar jersey’s with both numbers, so it appears he may have his pick already.


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