Mourinho: Spain is one of the best teams in the competition

The Portuguese manager José Mourinho has admitted that Spain is still the team at Euro 2012 in Poland and “should qualify” as one of the best teams in their Group B. 

“Spain is the world champion and no doubts about it, they are one of the best teams in the Euros, so normally, if things go in the right direction, Spain has to qualify and has to compete maybe with Germany and a couple of other teams to be champion of Europe”,Mourinho stated in an interview this Thursday in Singapore,where he travelled this week to take part in a number of charity events.

However, the Portuguese coach does not have the same level of confidence in his compatriots, who came back from an opening defeat against Germany to defeat Denmark 3-2 on Wednesday. Nevertheless, the unpredictable nature of this 16-team tournament gives him hope that Portugal could spring a surprise and win the tournament for the first time. “Now they don’t depend on other teams, they depend only about themselves, so if they can do the job against Holland, Portugal is in the quarter-finals”, he said.

“I don’t think Portugal is one of the two, three best teams in the competition, but these short competitions with knock-outs in 90 minutes and sometimes extra time or penalties, everything will be decided, so Portugal, if they reach the quarter-finals, anything can happen”, the Madrid manager concluded.

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