Mourinho leaves for Chelsea

jose_mourinho_1773090bJose Mourinho will be Chelsea’s boss next season. The Portuguese coach will terminate his adventure at Real Madrid on June 30 and will return to England to face a second spell leading the Blues.

The Portuguese coach has already told his inner circle that the agreement with Chelsea has been completed. His new landing place was the only thing left to be seen, because his departure had been all but a given since late last year.

On December 3, MARCA displayed resoundingly on their frontpage: ‘Divorce in sight’. By then, it was reported that the relationship between Florentino Perez and Mourinho was badly damaged, the cycle of the¬†Portuguese¬†manager at the Bernabeu had come to a close and the season would end amicably. Then in June, negotiate the terms of the termination. Said and done.

It has been six months of rumors about what the fate of Mourinho would be ahead of next season. Manchester City, United, PSG, Inter and Chelsea have been teams that have come calling. Finally, Abramovich has given Mou a second chance.

Already waiting at Chelsea
In Chelsea, they have already welcomed Mou. One of the team captains, Frank Lampard, talked about the future that awaits the Portuguese coach on the bench at Stamford Bridge. “With Mou at the helm everything will be fine. He’ll be ready to go at Chelsea. His return will be a big boost. Players who have not worked with him will soon understand,” said the midfielder Blue.

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