Monaco close to signing Atletico striker Falcao

Radamel FalcaoRadamel Falcao deflected reports he would be moving to French Ligue 1 team Monaco leading up to the Copa del Rey final. After securing the win and parading through the streets of Madrid, there’s nothing left other than the team’s last match keeping him from moving there this summer.

Reports say Falcao is set to be moved to Monaco for a five year contract worth €10 million a year, with a €60 million buyout clause. Upon being finalized, it will reportedly be the most lucrative deal signed by any footballer in French club history. It was the expected move by many, even though Falcao continued to point to the remaining years on his contract with Atletico.

Real Madrid centre back Ricardo Carvalho will be joining Falcao in Monaco, as he signed a one year contract with the team today.

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