Messi: “If I do not feel the same affection, I will seek a solution”

Leo Messi has opened the possibility of leaving the club in his Chinese twitter though Argentina emphasizes that his intention is to stay at Barca . “I am very happy to stay in my house as I always said is the people of Barcelona who decides to do with my future, but my choice is to continue because I still feel the same affection from them, but if it did not seek a solution because I always want the best for this club . ”
Also, Messi apologized to all Barcelona for his bad season , “Just apologize to all Barcelona and promise that next year we’ll be up to this club and get important things.”
Finally, he acknowledged that his season has not been good . “This year maybe was not as expected and it was not the best of mine But I am convinced that , as with the group , personally will also be different Still . However, we were able to achieve a goal in the last game and we failed to take advantage . “

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