Messi doesn’t want Barcelona to change the team

Osauna v BarcelonaLio Messi feels Barcelona shouldn’t tear up the team too much, considering they’ve just finished winning their 22nd La Liga title. “I think it is a very important title due to what the Spanish League means and the rivals that we have, such as Real Madrid for example which is one of the best sides in the world”, he said on Azteca Television.

“We were on the back of a change when Guardiola left so when Tito took over it was really good for us until he then had to leave and we noticed the change. It was not because Roura or the others were not up to the job, it was just that we lacked our first team coach who had spoken to us and transmitted to us his own messages from day one and it was obviously not the same without him”, said Messi.

Lio believes pundits and fans alike are getting carried away by the losses Barca sustained in the Champions League. “It gets more and more difficult; you can’t win everything every year. We have been playing the same way for a long time and all the coaches and opponents study the best way to stop us winning, but we can’t lose our heads over what has happened to us this season. We can’t change the Barcelona style of play that has always characterised this side. We have to be calm now and think about next season”, he continued.

Messi is resting up for the rest of the season after being shut down with a right hamstring injury.

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