Manchester City look to replace freshly sacked Mancini with Pellegrini

Manuel-Pellegrini01Roberto Mancini was upset heading into Saturday’s FA Cup final between Wigan and Manchester City, believing his club hadn’t done enough to deflect reports of him being replaced. It turns out there was reason behind the club’s actions.

Mancini was sacked on Monday, despite his outspoken confidence that he would remain the Blues manager following City’s disappointing loss to Wigan. His firing only served to strengthen the position of floating rumors that Málaga’s current coach, Manuel Pellegrini, would take his place.

However, Pellegrini publicly came out and denied the reports following his team’s match against Sevilla. “I categorically deny that I am the new Manchester City coach,” he said. “I’ve been fortunate enough, and very proud, that every year the big Clubs are interested in me.  I have an agreement with Málaga not to talk to anyone and nothing has been agreed with any other outfit.”

Despite his statement, it is widely believed that an agreement has already taken shape and Malaga will soon be in the running for a new manager.

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