Lula Da Silva’s first guest on his World Cup Maradona program

The Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will be the first guest on the television program ” De Zurda ” Diego Maradona to lead and Victor Hugo Morales during the 2014 Brazil World Cup for Telesur .
This was confirmed in an interview with Morales the agency Dpa . ” Lula will be the first interviewee .”
The leader of the Workers Party (PT ) ” going to talk about football and that will be fun ,” the Uruguayan journalist and broadcaster, who did not rule out , however, that the policy will strain ” De Zurda ” .
Victor Hugo said that ” the program is football .” ” Of course, in speaking of them , like mine , it’s hard tug and not take anything that has to do with politics , life , ideology , but what I think is that Lula invited to speak football and a good time , although it is a while , and leave the complex life having a man like him who is number one in the country and therefore has to do with the football championship , “he said .
The presenter and broadcaster , said that bind to short to Maradona that can not always go by the political side . ” Now, if when I ask something, Diego takes to the policy side I’ll be careful ,” said Victor Hugo , author of the memorable story of ‘ cosmic kite ‘ , the historical goal of Maradona to the British in the 1986 Mexico World Cup .
” From Zurda ” will be a daily program that will analyze the World Cup journey and will issue the Latin American network based in Caracas , Venezuela , from Rio de Janeiro during the World Cup. It will also be reproduced by other national channels, such as Argentina Public Television .
” Diego is the main protagonist and I’m just a bridge between him and the people. ‘s Like a journalist interviewer to be a philosopher , what matters are the ideas of others and in this case is the philosopher Diego Soccer ” , said Hugo .

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