Luis Suarez passes his examination to sign for Real Madrid

“Signing after the World Cup. No rush because we have to do many things,” said Carlo Ancelotti before going on vacation. The Italian coach made it clear that the World Cup would be key in deciding the backup. The Pogba, Vidal, Kroos, Verrati would be regarded with magnifier in Brazil. Also Luis Suarez, who is in the galactic white agenda to form a dream attack: with Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema.
Uruguayan striker passes an examination in the World. No doubt its quality white club, but the 94 million euros would have to pay Real Madrid 75 million pounds these is agreed with Liverpool when renewed, require a thorough analysis clause. Especially considering that the Uruguayan you leave a delicate knee surgery that could leave you without World.

The Madrid want to be sure that you repay the penny would pay for the Uruguayan crack. Unlike Christian and Bale, who came to Madrid with 24, Suarez has already 27 years old. So the World Cup is key to verify that you have recovered without injury problems which had to be involved and that their performance would be perfect.
Simple operation
That’s all that concerns you if you decide to Madrid definitely embark on Luis Suarez as the transfer would have no mystery. Do you have trouble reaching an agreement with the player and not with Liverpool once there price for the transfer of striker. Bale would not be a case. Money is what it is and is a matter of putting it.
Currently, Luis Suarez has done nothing but feed their condition galactic. His comeback with Uruguay could not be stellar. Endured 89 minutes on the pitch and his double gave his team a major victory against England. The Liverpool striker match was a display of punching power. Two chances and two to the cage. Without being one hundred percent, celeste striker showed his great quality. Two goals that give an outstanding in his first examination that Real Madrid are submitting your objectives for next season.
Luis Suarez is already underway and the World will be the best showcase to demonstrate that its level remains the same exalted him last season with Liverpool, which he came close to give Premier champion with 31 goals. In addition, Uruguay has approval from Ancelotti, the only thing that has asked the club is that the arrival of Liverpool striker not an outflow of Benzema.

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