LFP president denounces match fixing in La Liga

1368118032_extras_mosaico_noticia_1_g_0As widespread claims of match fixing have overtaken the football landscape, La Liga has found they haven’t been able to escape being linked with many of the accusations. While Spanish Football League president  Javier Tebas downplayed the extent of fixing throughout the league, he offered his commitment to seeing it disappear.

“The problem affects a small minority – maybe 1% – but it is a cancer that needs to be eradicated,” Tebas said. “If it isn’t remedied immediately, it could spread and end up killing the sport. I will not rest [until it is dealt with].”

Deportivo president Augusto César Lendoir has told much of a different story, claiming rigging is a much bigger issue than is believed. “Almost all the final matches of past seasons have been rigged in one way or another. Past cases will come into the spotlight, which even the odd Comunidad Autónoma (Autonomous Region) president should be asked about.”

The LFP continues to investigate the alleged accusations.

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