Johan Cruyff: “definitely count on Xavi definitely next season”

The former Dutch coach Johan Cruyff, attended microphones ‘ The Party of 12’ of Cope, which valued the last season for FC Barcelona and the near future of the entity Barca ” worked Han to the end, it has not been a season as before , but with all that has happened in recent years was quite normal that things did not work . In general, it is always by management. The Tata looked good but I could not make your own team or sign players because he arrived late . “

Martino : “He’s done what she could , I have found a very nice man , players quite happy with it , I can not describe how headed because I do not know .”

Luis Enrique : “It’s someone who likes the straight line and work and I hope it is strong enough to make their own decisions. Wearing a costume is very difficult and sometimes I get the feeling that people are not aware of it. And he does know . ”

Messi : ” Leo always has to be the important piece is pure logic . But if things are not going well is also logical that people honk to happen more responsibility and in this case their best player . I too have been called and applauded . ”

Adult: “I would have said the same. Just 26 years old, from now on your life will be different, it is no longer a child playing soccer but an adult club should function . ”

Guilty: ‘ Not the return of a person, but a team . Always looking for a culprit and has not had his best season but has been injured for a long time and was not around like before. ”

Xavi : “It’s a great player . Always makes a difference in many details and is an almost essential part. Football is made with the head and feet , and when age can not do much with the feet, the head is also . And the older, more brains you have . No doubt he would have next season. ”

Reinforcements: “The problem has always been from above, said earlier this season , when Neymar arrived, and not the guy who has great qualities but do not know anyone of 21 who do not have a lot to learn . When you have ups and downs, his agent and the club would have to tuck more . I have almost victim, Iniesta , Xavi, etc. . who have won everything and charge half that Neymar . That is very bad direction of the people who have made ​​decisions . Luis Enrique always know what is good and make the most . You must also monitor the finances , if everyone says that Barcelona has to buy , will pay a lot of money . ”

Directive : “The day bachelor Puyol, saw me from afar with the policy, did not have much time. If a player asks me something, I’ll be forever because my relationship with the players is completely different. I always have good choice, but it depends on how things go . ”

Defense : ” One player does not make the team , it’s about what’s combine and add as you need. Although Puyol injured, at least I need an advocate . ”

Real Madrid : ” You can not complain about the luck you have had . But I’m used to Dutch you can not trust the Germans for example, that in the last 5 minutes you can make a goal. You can not say you are the best team in Europe for a party . I saw a Munich playing in a huge way , but when faced to Madrid had already won the league and had a lot of relaxation . ”

Diego Costa : ” It is very difficult to comment if you’re not inside, but from outside had said , playing a final against Madrid and we spend the first ten minutes in a change , is a risk. If I had done , losing 1-0 in the final minutes put it in the area and see what could happen . ”

World : ” The Netherlands has a young team , we will see are nervous or not, but it has quality . Just lack of experience . ” He did not rule on the Spanish national team as favorites to win the World Cup : ” Spain has almost all the effects playing in the most important competitions . For me it is a great team. The great candidate is Brazil, playing at home , and we saw what happened in the Confederations Cup »

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