“I see myself at Atletico next season”


Quiet, relaxed and smiling . With almost a touch of innocence. So Koke and thus faced a day like yesterday , in which his name is none other than Barcelona and that was only 24 hours of being included in an invitation to play their first World linked . Atletico ‘s squad has the same temperance away from grass on it , so first makes clear that the Calderón want to go no matter who is knocking at your door , and then explains how excited you would wear Red in Brazil.
Question. His name was on everyone’s lips this morning , how many messages had on the phone when he got up ?
Response . A lot . The first thing I thought was that something strange had happened , but then I realized that they were friends and family interested me because of what has been published . I , I really did not give it more relevant.

Q. And what you thought to see the interest of Barcelona by signing him ?
R. still has not given me time to read what has gone . I’m on vacation and I have proposed disconnect.

Q. But you only hear that a club like Barca are willing to pay 60 million euros for one already is tremendous.
A. It is spectacular. The club is one of the best teams in the world and who is interested in you means you’re doing it right. That’s nice for a player. Anyway, I just think to continue working .
Q. What will happen? Can be quiet Atlético fans ?
A. Yes, here they all know how I am and I have the feeling that by Atletico. I want to stay here and everyone knows it.
Q. But looks Atletico next season?
A. Yes , I see myself at Atletico . Before , I hope you are on the list for the World Cup. Today is my first goal. I want to be on that list and I ‘m focused on it. I’m excited to play my first World Cup and try to win .
P. is 22 years old and dreams coming true . The first was to play for Atletico and the second Red Dress . Do not complain.
A. I always dreamed of becoming a First with Atletico and wear the shirt of Spain . Doing in a World Cup is the ultimate.

Q. And as much at club level is to play the Champions League final , is disgust happened ?
R. yet. The first two nights were spent badly. After a year working, the end was very cruel to us. The team gave everything to win in the 90 minutes they equalized in injury time. There we ran forces , we left everything on the field .
Furthermore, the Barcelona game made ​​a huge effort to take us the league and maybe we took its toll in Lisbon.
Q. I miss a change in the end?
A. The truth is a little bummed that we change as soon Coast . We lost a man of soda that could give us oxygen, but the past is past .
Q. What ‘s up with the final goal of Sergio Ramos?
A. No , we try to hold it up with little strength . I saw the fight and run but did not give us a leg brace. People trying to reach out to as penalties, because they get to score a goal was complicated . In both Bale and all became too difficult.

Q. It would be unrealistic to prompt their return to fight for the Champions League and next season?
A. It’s very, very complicated. We have won a league two of the best teams in the world and that’s to be very proud . The next season we have to start new party game to try to be back there, fighting to be champions.

P. That is important that the block is maintained and there is talk of many outings . What do you think you can dismantle the team?
A. If it is true that a colleague is going , I’m sure the club will sign another that will do just as well. We have a very nice group and I hope that we can keep .

Q. Feeling leader in this team?
A. No, the leader of the locker room is the boss . Our strength of the union and the group, not a specific player. One player does not win games. To get wins we all lack .

P. In any case, refers to the club you want to go to the clause, then the last word with yourselves.
R. Atletico is betting big on his players and Miguel Angel Gil has made it very clear in this regard . People outside is facing Atletico, but here is not to hard sell and there each and what you can do with your life.

Q. If Miguel Angel Gil called today and says that the club puts the 60 million , what tells you ?
A. That I am thinking of and I want to bring World Cup to Spain . They are leaving many things that make me proud . Note that you will be valued both at home and abroad .

Q. One that seems to come out is Tiago , would you hope would inherit the bracelet?
A. It would be nice . I grew up here and be captain of Atlético ‘s complicated. If I choose the technical and the group would catch delighted.

P. El Cholo relies heavily on you. If you ask he is sure to say that you do not sell .
A. The coach has given me a lot of confidence from day one and I have tried to return it with my game from the field.

Q. Can you imagine playing next season in an athlete without Courtois , Tiago and Diego Costa ?
A. It’s a complicated situation. If one goes, the other will do it just as well.

P. The campaign they have done is brilliant , would you sign again win the league and losing the Champions League final ?
A. Of course the sign of the League, but the Champions League no. It was a very sad and painful time .

P. El Cholo said that the Champions League final deserved not shed a tear, but any other that got away.
A. Yes , of course escaped . We had it there … Anyway , it is to be proud of what we’ve done . We competed against much larger than our estimates , against better teams and we got there. It has been a year that may not be repeated.

Q. Let’s talk about the World Cup. I imagine you ‘ll be excited to be in Brazil .
A. If I am lucky I ‘m going to give everything because it’s my first World Cup and is incredible to me. Maybe never return to play one so I want to experience to the fullest.

Q. It would be a perfect end to a great season too personally.
A. Of course . It would be nice to go and earn long story …

Q. You do not mind running out of vacation.
A. Of course not .

The Atletico squad yesterday presented its campus
Koke took one of the few free days this summer will have to officially present its campus. He did so in the very near facilities gym Athletic Sports City in the town of Majadahonda. The campus is aimed at children aged 7 to 14 years and will take place between 14 and 25 July. Small addition to playing football, learn English and practice other sports .

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