Gonzalo Higuain leaves Real Madrid

Gonzalo Higuain on his way outThe turmoil surrounding Real Madrid heading into the last few weeks of the season had been gathering more and more,  and it seems to have had an effect on one of Real’s best players. Just after Madrid’s last match with Osasuna, Gonzalo Higuain announced he would be leaving the club, citing he needed a “change of scenery.”

“I’m leaving Real Madrid. It’s been seven years here and the decision was taken calmly. It’s not a hot-headed reaction. I was never given anything on a plate here. I’ve always had to fight to the death. I came for €12 million, and they’ll sell me for more. I’ve achieved a lot here,” he said.

Higuaín isn’t yet sure where he wants to go, he just knows Madrid is not the place for him. “I want to go somewhere they show they really want me,” he said. “I know Juventus wants me, but nothing is set in stone,” he stated. “I want to put an end to the matter. I’m leaving behind friends, teammates… It’s not an easy decision, but I want a change of scenery.”

Higuaín has been most linked with Turin club Juventus, and he himself has looked into the possibility of arriving there. “I’ve listened to Cannavaro, Valdano, and people who know football. Juve is a historic and legendary club,” he assured.

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