Gareth Bale’s new tv deal makes a move to Madrid unlikely

bale on the ballReal Madrid have been busy this offseason. President Florentino Perez and director of football Raúl Sanllehí have been all around the world trying to put together a team worthy of the club’s budget. One player they had their sights set firmly on was Premier League star Gareth Bale, but a recent turn of events have darkened those chances.

Bale has signed a new deal with British telecom company, BT, who have acquired the rights to the Premier League next season, and have constructed an entire marketing campaign based around the Welshman.

Bale seemed optimistic about the deal and spending more time as Tottenham’s leading man next season: “A great deal has changed in my football career since my first partnership with BT, and I am happy to extend that relationship for the next three years. I am excited about the launch of BT Sport and I am happy to play my part in making it a big hit”, he said in a publicity event.

Although anything’s possible, and Real Madrid can’t be ruled out just yet, the combination of these recent events and the gargantuan request of €50 million plus one player the Spurs were asking Los Blancos for seems to all but shut the door for a Bale unveiling at the Bernabeu.

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