Florentino: “Winning our tenth Champions league was a liberation”

Still excited from the match and the celebrations , with the same twinkle in his eye that madridista any child these days. So Florentino Pérez was two days after the conquest of the Tenth . The Madrid president visited the studio of ‘Play of the 12 ‘ by Cadena Cope , to express his happiness for the achievement achieved .
“I am very happy to have won the Tenth and to see the satisfaction of fans . It was an obsession for Real Madrid and us have taken , now let’s get the Eleventh , but not so much pressure , it has been a release for all Madridistas . This is our competition and it will continue to increase the myth and legend of Real Madrid, ” said the Real president.

He prophesied shot by Ramos
While Madridismo nails were biting and pulling hair out when Modric was approaching the corner , Florentino Perez had a moment of clarity : “I saw in no time lost end, are those things which are written and one knows of advance. on stage was a lot of pressure. it was a wonderful end. never doubted this team because there came a time when he said ‘ I will make goal ‘ and got it . ”
And while the audio played in the background with the narrative of both Florentino revived the move: ” Get Modric and I miss my mind that Ramos would mark head How many goals have been scored this corner , as Modric pulled . ? was the corner. Ramos has made an end of season spectacular . we are proud , he’s the one fed on illusion and hope the team . Modric him out perfect, like Bayern . Y Ramos ‘s always plays down well . had such faith in this play that happened what I thought would happen. was a goal , at that moment , with the fatigue , the movement is doing … something to frame . ” And reveals who has seen a thousand times : ” I come home , I see Real Madrid TV and I get all the time .”
He says the position was never in danger Carlo
One of the most sensitive issues of the final project was continuity of Ancelotti in case of defeat . However, the president said the Italian had never feared for his position : ” It was never out , neither he nor season was good Winning is better and can consolidate complicated situations , but it was not our case , we have a project . . we will continue improving it but need time and tranquility.

Florentino also had good words for white preparer ” is a person of a normal and great rigor when I walked in the locker room and I start to give kisses saw that this is a great family I have driven all the tranquility and . . normal and that’s important . There are days and moments that if you have a good crutch to fight bulls have a conflict . He does not have them , get them fixed . ago the collective one big family. I would have brought before, ” he said, and revealed ” Ferguson called him to be his successor, but said he was already committed to come with us.”

The illusion to achieve the Tenth
Although she says with regret that the League was lost in the games against Valencia, Valladolid and Vigo , the president apologized to the team : “They finished exhausted , physically and psychologically Earn three competitions is difficult. ” .

Travel , song and the plot of the Tenth
The president unveiled before launching to sing the new song composed by RedOne Tenth , one of the key motivating Orejona to win . ” Never normally travel with them , but these other parties did the song We put the sang in the hotel , on the plane … “and ended with a new challenge : ” Now, the Eleventh ” .

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