Florentino: “I understand that Xavi and Iniesta are upset with Mou”

The president of Real Madrid gave a new interview and reviewed the current state of the club on the program ‘Futboleros’ of MARCA TV.

Zidane: Zidane has said that “he entered the coaching field standing alongside Mourinho”, further confirming that “knows everything, the good players from each team, in Italy, in France … What he likes is coaching and may be a combining youth sports management or assistant coach, whichever comes. We’ll see. ”

Mourinho and the club: “I understand that Xavi or Iniesta are upset with Mourinho. During the last five games we have won none. When you do not win and criticizes the reverse is not a good strategy,” explained on questions about the crossing of words between Iniesta and Xavi against Jose Mourinho. He defended the now former coach again: “The days of which Barça won every match at Madrid ended with Mourinho. There’s truth in what he’s saying.”

Coach: Florentino stated that he has contemplated the option of signing Carlo Ancelotti. On the possible plan B options, Florentino Perez did not get detailed, but ruled out Jupp Heynckes. “If he had not said he was retiring that would have been another option”

Gareth Bale. “Real Madrid always wants the best. Tottenham are close friends, but first we have to see what our coach and thereafter see his direction for the team”.

The renewal of Cristiano: “Cristiano will retire at Real Madrid because that is what should happen.”

Iker Casillas. “There are media who have set out to harm him and have accomplished”.


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