Falcao can take home the bronze

1368516064_extras_noticia_foton_7_1Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo won’t be touched this season in the race for most league goals scored. Lio has tallied 46 to date, while Ronaldo has also been impressive with 34. But the race tightens up after you mention those names, and Atletico Madrid striker Radamel Falcao hopes to come in right behind them.

Falcao has netted 28 goals this season, tied with Napoli’s Edinson Cavani. A Ballon de Bronze recognition for Radamel would cap off another great season for the striker, and possibly his entire two year stint with the team, as he’s been linked to many a club in recent weeks.

Falcao has a match against Ronaldo’s Madrid team Friday in the SuperCopa final, while Cavani has one contest remaining in his season. Robin Van Persie and Jackson MartĂ­nez both have 25 goals.

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