Diego Costa is back in training!

Diego Costa returned to Madrid yesterday , so her trip to Belgrade lasted just one day. The Spanish-Brazilian landed at Barajas late in the afternoon. Appeared in executive airport terminal accompanied by Oscar Pitillas , boiler template Atlético .
With BRAND sole witness , climbed into a van and headed directly to the Cemtro clinic to undergo an MRI in which could see the effects of lightning treatment to which he was subjected in the Serbian capital by Marijana Kovacevic , also known as the Miracle Doctor.

Placenta mare
Feelings are not negative , but it is risky even say that Costa will be on Saturday at the Atleti lineup. The intention is to train this afternoon and begin checking and the state of his right thigh . In certain sectors skepticism remains regarding methods of Kovacevic , who uses the now famous mare’s placenta , but the club understood that any aid is positive once ruled there was no break, which meant that the player was not ruled out , but it would be difficult to arrive in time to play the final in Lisbon.

Diagnostic tests to which it was submitted on Monday determined , in that sense, that Costa suffering a muscular injury grade I muscle biceps femoris on the back . That opened a small choice for Atletico scorer reached Lisbon , much as had been given by discarded. In that sense he showed from the outset willing to take any risk , regardless of the proximity of the World and their presence in the list of Vicente del Bosque.
Atletico what keeps the secret is the origin of the idea, he understood about the person given the opportunity to attend the consultation Kovacevic . In that sense it is understood that the margin for error is small. The treatment, in any case, has already been applied . Now it is I will work.

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