Diego Costa: “People have treated me as expected”

Diego Costa has been one of the stars of the day in Caju. Athletic striker has appeared at a press conference to review the early days of concentration in which the end of the day it is their country of origin. That way, the first issue has been hosting. “So far things are going well. People have treated me the way I expect, although you may at some point it is not. I’m cool, I have the support of enough people who understand what happened,” says the Red tip.

The number 19 admits Washington’s friendly against El Salvador has been instrumental in preparing for the World Cup: “I needed a game the other day to take away that feeling of fall injury The other two times I was fine, but playing. and fell. has come I fancy and I feel much better. mood and also win, but the main thing is the injury. butt and I’m not going to be no problem. ”
Costa does not believe that his family is going wrong by the fact that he has chosen to play for Spain.. “My parents are very happy, because I’m closer to them now not affect anything I have always relied on the decision I took. ”
The striker, though, is eager to start the World Cup: “Anxiety is normal start to a very large and good selection We train every day to improve and be on top I wish the competition starts soon….”
Doors to inside concentration, Costa feels great, “I treated in a special way I feel very comfortable Was Particularly impressive’m living a very nice time I have to thank…..”
Admits, finally, that Spain can spend a little bad about the conditions in which matches will be played: “Accustomed to Europe the weather is going to cost us a little more, but the most important are the fields that need to be well and wet. “

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