The best derby in 111 years

There is a final. It’s not even a great final. Maybe the historic final term will also remain small , as does the official qualifier : Champions League final . The Real Madrid- Atlético ‘s The Final, with all capital letters. The mother of all derbies . Be a point and followed , because it will, but smelling endpoint.
From Arganzuela to Hortaleza , through Lavapies or Chamberi Sunday I will fly one flag in the capital. Media City held and cry of joy and the other half will hide the sight. If the jokes of the victors to the vanquished usually last until the next derby , which happens tonight marked several generations of Madrid fans for life . 111 years in one night.
Seasons pass and both sides will win trophies , you may even rival the eternal , but it will not matter . ” Yes, yes, but we will win in Lisbon ” will be the phrase that ditch any discussion . And touch loser will head down . Lifetime . That is the importance of today’s game . For once, the glory will not be ephemeral . When relationships come into play with friends , neighbors or colleagues , no turning back. Today ends.

The new Classic
Worthy opponent for decent derby Wanted . ” That banner was deployed in the south end of the Santiago Bernabeu in November 2011 . Three and a half years later, the final of the Champions witness the mother of all derbies , the biggest battle history between Atletico Madrid and a war that has lasted 111 years and reaches its peak today.
And is that not so long ago that the Madrid- Atletico were merely a formality for whites. The seasons had two league derbies … period . But now it has become in the new Classic Spanish football … and even European. The big leap to stardom Atletico has caused clashes Cup , Champions League and Super Cup in Spain next . A duel igualadísimo a real derby .
Injection of testiculina it’s supposed to stay Atletico Simeone at Atletico bench has served to revive dueling another century. And it’s not a cliché . Before El Cholo , Madrid had 14 years without losing . He could go out and play derbies with flip flops and not lose . It was the law of life .
A derby in bars
But Atletico is another and this game comes at the best possible time . Real Madrid reached the final after brushing it three years. The Manzanares , a record high . If this derby had to be , was today.
The final is a gift, but tomorrow will be a hell for medium Madrid. People living outside the capital could not understand that what is at stake is more than a football game rather than a Champions League final . A normal derby finished play Monday at work or at school. The Tonight will never end . The winner will not allow it .
Late many Champions in football games as illustrating the cover of MARCA today have played in the bars of Madrid … Today, finally , it is true.

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