Deportivo return to the top flight

A champion of the world and Europe, two leagues and the Copa del Rey, Carlos Marchena, pushed Deportivo ( 1-0 ) at La Liga before a life Jaén , which has fallen to relegation is complicated and that remaining in the final round and in their field, will be played before the Alava .

The goal of Marchena , who returned to eleven downward Alberto Lopo , Deportivo opened the road to victory and climb , a goal that had resisted in recent days but was finally able to also celebrate in front of her hobby .

After having delayed too long ago – a month that seemed made – Deportivo left the field convinced Riazor , where he received a hobby given that Hall had already done half hour before the meeting . Tie was enough to not have to look to other fields, but the team wanted coruñés victory and coach Fernando Vazquez regained the system that had given him his last victories before engaging a win against Ponferradina ( 0-3) and blur the season with four more games without winning .

Left on the bench to his defensive midfielder , Alex Bergantinyos , and commissioned the creation of Juan Dominguez, Juan Carlos , the Chilean Rabello , Portuguese Luisinho and Ivorian Ibrahim Sissoko , who was the first to attempt to break the deadlock with a shot that interrupted René .

The Jaén , who began the day with only two points clear of relegation, Deportivo will let the weight of the shock and it held. Espanyol played the ball , but hardly disturbed the Andalusian until the half hour mark Luisinho draw a foul on the edge of the area , the Uruguayan Diego Ifrane took the shot , René Marchena diverted right and , with veteran pillería that is battle-hardened , the ball was found in the small area and only had to push .

The Galicians tempered match
Deportivo had margin of error , and perhaps for that reason, the intensity dropped an inch in the last minutes of the first half, when further good news came from Zaragoza for Espanyol . Were moments of doubt, nervousness, the Jaén not profit despite having enjoyed three very good chances to reach the break with the score tied .

Victor Curto entertained after winning back behind Deportivo , forgave Machado with a shot too crossed and coruñés team headed with relief the way to the shower .

Deportivo paused the game more in the second half, the clock was ticking in your favor, against Jaen, which was more to the passage of minutes , knowing that it was too complicated their permanency options .

Manolo changes Herrero launched more to jiennenses , Fernando Vazquez lost to injury Juan Carlos and Sissoko , and touched coruñés team work on defense, where Seoane saved the tie with a shot back after Victor Curto .

The coruñeses improved in the last few minutes , which again took command and began looking at the timer for the game and could end up holding the coveted promotion , which ended after reaching a goal disallowed for offside which would have Servando more permanency options to Jaen.

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