Del Bosque warns that it is not “time to blame”

Salvador (Brazil), June 13 (Reuters) -. Vicente del Bosque, Spanish coach today congratulated the Netherlands, after losing 1-5 in the first round of the World Cup Brazil 2014, warned that “it is time to look guilty “or sink and remarked that” the house felt good “conversation with” uplifting “.

“Not a happy time for us, but above all, as an athlete, I congratulate the Netherlands, which in the second half was better than us. We overflowed and balance and good tone that had shown the first time It breaks with a very good performance in the Netherlands, “he said at a press conference, where he discussed the 1-2” was greatly depressed “to your computer.

“..’s Not time to blame, no one pays the blame The culprits are all We still look forward and seek victory in the next match against Chile,” continued the coach, who remarked: “I feel sick, uneasily but with the courage to fit a defeat. should not sink. ”

“The house has reacted very well. And it is true that there have been specific moments of the match, especially against one of the Silva One (Cillesen to 43 minutes with the score at 1-0), which could have been the second goal . And then came the draw. Was the border before and after to lose the game. ”

The response of the locker room after the loss, Del Bosque specified that “reacted well” because they are “a team of good professionals and good kids.” “We all defeat hurts. Been no accusatory glances toward anyone.’ve Also come to the shower when there was a conversation that was uplifting and that’s good for the team,” the coach continued.

Del Bosque, who felt that the defeat was not due to a physical issue, insisted that “it is time to look guilty” to a question about Iker Casillas.

“Beating a team is not only for the performance of a player, but because of the weakness of the whole team. We can not blame anybody, especially Casillas. Absolutely,” he said.

The coach called it “absolutely inexplicable” that Spain has received five goals.

“I can not find words to tell you. We have always been a team that we had no defense label, but we have managed well in that aspect. Today we were looser all on the defensive. Also have to put something in to have Robben and Van Persie, “he reviewed.

Del Bosque denied that Diego Costa whistles to have it affected the front and the team. “We are in a country that wants to be world champion and looks likely threat in the Spanish selection in another. I do not think that affected him or the team,” she added.

You gaze into the future, Del Bosque said his team has “experience” prepare after a defeat in the first round of the World, as happened in South Africa 2010 against Switzerland and then was finally champion.

“I do not want to compare this loss to suffer with Switzerland four years ago. Finally after all are only three points, losing a game and look forward with all the strength of an athlete who wants to pass the test, beyond will try to accuse anyone, “he said.

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