David Villa won’t waive the 11 million clause in his contract

David Villa will end up leaving Barcelona this summer, but it will not be an easy operation. The player knows that he doesn’t fit into Tito Vilanova’s plans for next season. This year he has played little and the arrival of Neymar has spelled the end. But he does not intend to go at any price let alone losing money.

According to MARCA.com, when Barcelona signed him they gave him a four-year contract until 2014, in which he received about 7.5 million annually. But they filed a clause that the last year of his association with the Catalan club his salary would increase to 11 million euros.

The Barcelona thus intended to somehow help the player get to his intended destination of Valencia, who was very much interested in his services. But this 11 million clause poses a problem for all parties. For Barca, you can not allow a player who charges that much, which makes him the second highest paid player on the team, to be on the bench. And for the player, because it is very difficult to find an offer that comes close to his age (31 years) and having suffered an injury as serious as a broken tibia.

However, Villa has deals in the Premier League, namely Tottenham and Arsenal, and is in no hurry to decide. He will wait until after the Confederations Cup to study all proposals and make a final decision.

He’s made it clear there’s a 99% chance he will leave Barcelona, and an even bigger percentage that he will play in only one place: England.

The Barcelona, ​​regardless of whether he would stay as a 11 million player, needs an increase in money to meet the rest of signings to strengthen the squad that after requests made by Tito Vilanova.

The Catalan club would welcome selling him for an amount close to 15 million euros. After the 57 that cost Neymar they urgently need income to undertake the signing of a center.

Villa must now negotiate his departure and try to compensate with years of contract he’ll fail to receive at Barca. The Spaniard will most certainly be looking for a long contract.

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