Cristiano will scream, but we could not have done without Zidane “

The midfielder Xabi Alonso said that Real Madrid ” is well managed egos ” and that although ” Madrid adopted” feels ” pride club ” because ” Madridismo captures you , you hooked ” and ” As you know Real Madrid you realize the magnitude it has. ”

” In the dressing room there is so much spectacle as it seems ( … ) there are clans , but usually have a good relationship together. Egos are managed well,” Alonso said in an interview that the program broadcast on Canal + Iñaki Gabilondo 9 June .

Alonso admits it is “not madridista crib , but adopted” , and like all his family remains a member of the Royal Society , but is proud to be part of the European champion club that believed came at the right time .

” If I have to yell at Cristiano , you cry . If I get 5 years previously had not cried like Zidane ,” said the player in Toulouse, which also acknowledged that it passes through the Eibar left him ” his trademark ” Gipuzkoa and said the club has ” made ​​history ” with his recent promotion to the First division .

Asked by former Real Madrid coach , Portuguese Jose Mourinho, Alonso said that “it is very demanding with himself and with the players.”

“I think we did a good job . During the first two years , in the dressing room there was Mou or anti Mou, in the last stage was different , there were problems , individual conflicts that affected the football together, had a negative effect on the collective, ” he said.

Alonso , who also recalled in the interview stay at Real Sociedad and Liverpool, with whom he won the Champions League with Rafa Benitez as manager , also highlighted the great moment of the Spanish national team , with whom he was world champion in 2010 and Europe in 2008 and 2012.

“Being in the group of chosen means a lot. The generation that has touched us is a blessing , is history . There is no cause that has united both ,” said Alonso , who admitted having nothing defined for the future. “It’s hard to pass exfutbolista footballer . ‘s Not easy to find a new passion ,” he said .

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