Cristiano Ronaldo will not return to Real Madrid

Real Madrid has been through its ups and downs throughout the past couple of months, if not years. But things are looking to get a bit rockier.

In Tuesday’s edition of Portuguese newspaper ‘A Bola’, reports surfaced that current Los Blancos star Cristiano Ronaldo has decided once his contract expires in 2015, he will not return with the team. The report goes on to point to a feeling of resentment Ronaldo is getting from Real Madrid’s top brass, despite the number of amazing performances and worldwide branding he’s brought to the club.

A departure from Ronaldo would be the mammoth of all the exits that are taking place and are yet to come, and signals tough times ahead for Real Madrid president Florentino Perez. Ronaldo came to Madrid amongst a blockbuster of signings in 2009, but considering the vast budget used in combination with expectations of Jose Mourinho, many see the past couple of years as much of  a failure.

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