Company with rights to Neymar threatens to take Barcelona to court

Neymar returned to Brazil yesterday. He took a helicopter and arrived in time to train with the ‘Seleção’, after managing an embrace with Scolari. However, his idyllic image contrasts with the swell of his contract.

The DIS group, which owns 40% of the player’s rights, will not transfer their portion of the money and threaten to denounce Barça to FIFA. Josep Maria Bartomeu admitted during the presentation that Barca gave an advance of € 10 million for Neymar, something that FIFA has banned when a player has a contract.

The DIS group feels cheated after hearing that Barcelona paid 57 million for the striker. This was acknowledged in remarks to Rac1, its executive director Roberto Moreno, who said the company has received only 9.4 million of the 57. That is, there are 20.6 million (subtracting the 10 developed countries) of which there is no record.

Interestingly Bartomeu claimed he could not explain the percentages because they were forced to sign a confidentiality agreement.

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