Chiellini: “The penalty is excessive Luis Suarez”

Giorgio Chiellini, Juventus footballer and the Italian national team, posted a letter on his personal website in which he laments the penalty imposed on Luis Suárez stressing that seems “excessive” and that is next to Luis and his family “in these difficult times. ”
Chiellini Letter
Inside me there is a feeling of joy or anger or revenge against Luis Suarez for the incident that occurred and was completed in the field. I have only anger and disappointment at the lost game.
At the moment, my only thought is for Luis and his family, because they are facing a very difficult period.
I have always regarded as something clear disciplinary measures by the competent bodies, however, while I think that the penalty imposed is excessive. I sincerely hope that you are allowed to at least be close to his teammates during games, because this ban is really desperate for a player.

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