A Champions league final up in the air

Only 4 days of the Lisbon final questions are in the air . And not a few . Many of those called to be protagonists lie between cottons. Will it come about Cristiano ? Is disposable entirely the presence of Diego Costa ? Will play ? Arda ? And Benzema and Pepe? . There are very unclear. Only Xabi Alonso will miss his second Champions League final which saw the yellow in Munich .
Diego Costa expects a miracle. Simeone does not want to rule and will wait until the last minute . He deserves it and Atletico needs you. His muscular injury grade I hamstring (no break) him away from the final. El Cholo is the first to know that you would miss a lot, but the Argentine has to look for alternatives. With Villa as the first sword, Adrián García and Raúl played point to the site of Costa . His shadow will elongate . It is also not ruled out that the Cholo put Mario with Gabi and Tiago to put more stones on the road to Madrid Tenth .
Instead, Arda has all the ballots. Simeone will wait and it looks like it will play smoothly . Same with Christian. You can not miss ‘their’ end. He has acknowledged that it’s okay , “I have a good feeling , but I’m still not one hundred percent .” CR will play. He is following a specific plan to speak at Da Luz and Thursday will join the group in training before the trip to Portugal.

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